Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today my Great Aunt Ina would have turned 100. She was a very interesting lady. I miss visiting with her. She always had a lit cigarette in her hand but very rarely actually smoked them. And until she moved into a nursing home always had a Boston terrier. If it was female its name was Suzie. If it was male its name was Butch.

She was known for giving us all unwanted advice about our style, weight, hair, grooming, posture, etc. She loved to send us random articles clipped from magazines and newspapers in the mail.

Growing up she always called my grandmother on Sundays around dinner (lunch) time when she knew the entire family would be there. That way she could talk to all of us. The kids would hear the phone ring and would all suddenly have an immediate desire to play outside. Trying, usually unsuccessfully, to get out of our couple of minutes if unsolicited advice.

Her husband died before I was born. She never remarried and had no children. She lived in a cute little 2 bedroom house in Wilmington, NC. It had a wonderful backyard.

I miss her. There have been many times I've wished I had known her longer as an adult. There are so many things over the last decade I have thought I would have loved to ask her about. And honestly, I miss those random, sometimes eye-rolling, articles and pieces of advice arriving in the mail.

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Friday, November 01, 2013


Michael and I were discussing if there were any scenes in Ghostbusters that we need to fast forward through.

Ruby: Why?

Me: Because of inappropriate sexual content.

Ruby: OK, I have absolutely no clue what "content" means!

Oh my goodness! Of all the words of that sentence that she doesn't know, that wasn't the one I would have thought she didn't know!

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