Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween - Postscript

I realize there were a few things I forgot to say in the Evening Edition.

Everyone picked out their own costumes. The girls all picked theirs out at Old Navy. We happened to be there about a month ago when there was a sale and decided to take advantage and get the costuming out of the way.

Ruby originally had picked an adorable red dragon that I loved much more than the bug. Then she wanted to be a cat and finally decided that the bug was the costume.

Eliza Claire originally wanted to be the cat. Then the bat and finally decided on the skunk. I wish she would have chosen the bat as it would have been cute to have a bat and vampire.

Charlotte saw the poodle and immediately fell in love. We were very lucky that they had her size. This will be her last year to fit in an Old Navy costume. Next year I'm sure we will graduate to High School Musical or Hannah Montana or some other such commercialized nonsense. This year I was thrilled to have a poodle.

Rehm was very miffed on the Old Navy day because he didn't walk out with a costume. They of course had nothing in his size and he had his choices narrowed down to a skeleton (or as Charlotte says Selican - rhymes with pelican - cracks me up every time she says it).

I try very hard to let them make their own choices on things like costumes within reason. I'm not thrilled that Rehm is to the point he wants to embrace the "scary" side of Halloween but at least he didn't want to be Jason or someone like that. The whole reason he wanted to be a vampire is because he likes the count on Sesame Street. Shh, don't tell anyone. It must be our little secret. He would not be happy if anyone knew he still occasionally watches Sesame Street or that that was where the costume idea came from.
Same kid? Really?

It is amazing how quickly they go from cute costumes, like my girls all had this year, to scary costumes. Last year Rehm wanted to be a ghost so we turned a sheet into an costume. It was his in between year. It wasn't really scary but he was definitely wanting it to be. This year I think we truly made the transition.

I think the pictures from this year are interesting with my three cute and cuddly girls and my very grown up vampire. He wanted his face done. I didn't realize how much of a difference it made in the feel of the costume until we were finished. It really did take it to the next level.

It makes me a little sad that we have hit this milestone, but then I think about the fact that he had a pre-arranged "date" with a girl and the costume issues fall right off my radar!

They just don't stay young long, do they?

PS. I think this is truly my last Halloween post for this year but I make no promises.

Happy Halloween - The Evening Edition

Fun was had by all. Grandma and Grandpa came for dinner and to help get everyone ready for Trick or Treating. Grandma and Michael got everyone dressed and I did make up. It took us about 45 minutes to get everyone ready for the evening.

First was the poodle

Then the skunk

Next the love bug

And last but certainly not least the vampire

Rehm met a friend from school and trick or treated with her and her father. Yes, I said her. And yes, it was a little strange to have my seven year old son out with a girl! The funny thing was she was an angel and Rehm was a vampire. They were definitely an interesting pair.

Wouldn't you want this group Trick or Treating at your house?

For more pictures from our fun evening click here.

Halloween Art

Charlotte has been making lots of Halloween art this week. This is her jackolantern. She has also been making bats and candy corn but I don't have pictures of those.
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Happy Halloween - The Morning Edition

Rehm's school was dressing up as characters from books today. He chose "A Fish Out of Water" and dressed up as the boy from the book. A very easy costume :) But so fitting of o a choice for him.
A Fish out of Water

The girls are all decked out in Halloween t-shirts. They were all very excited about wearing them today. I don't have any pictures of everyone together due to the staggered waking and leaving times of everyone.
Sparkly Pumpkin

Ghouls just want to have fun

Ghostess with the Mostest

More pictures to come this evening.

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Halloween - Through the Years

Click to enlarge

Starting in the bottom right corner this chronicles all the kids Halloweens to date. I love this collage!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cookies and Cici

These are two things that Eliza Claire holds in very high regard. Much higher regard than her mother. Apparently her mother is a total loser.

A few weeks ago she was talking on the phone to Cici. I overheard her say, "Bye Cici, I love you!" Then she handed the phone off to someone else. I thought it was a fluke but every time she talks to Cici she tells her she loves her. She never says it to anyone else on the phone.

Today we get in the car and I hand her a snack. Cookies. She immediately says, "I love cookies!"

These are the only two scenarios in which I have ever heard Eliza Claire say she loves something or someone. So my question is, why not me? She loves cookies but not her own mother! I tell her how much I love her multilpe times a day so it isn't like she doesn't have the opportunity to tell me. I guess the only thing that keeps me from sinking in to deep depression is Eliza Claire doesn't love her father either!

Silly girl.

PS. In case you are wondering Ruby doesn't love anyone or anything at this point. I know that really surprises you.


Leaving Early Voting

I just got back from Early Voting. This was my third attempt. The first two times we decided the line was too long and left. Today I had the twins with me but decided the line didn't look that long. I was right! It took about 15 minutes from the time I got in line until I was finished. Not bad at all.

The girls were very cute. They kept saying they wanted to go "boat!" They are very happily sporting their stickers showing that they did their part. They both were very well behaved and curious about the whole process.

When we were leaving Ruby asked "Why you boat, Mommy." I told her it was important to vote. She asked why. I told her that it was part of being a good citizen. She asked why. I older her it was our way to have a say in our government. She didn't say anything. I think she finally decided "boating" was over her head.

This was my first experience with computerized voting. I liked it. It seemed more intuitive to me than the paper ballot. When I left I was confident that I had really voted for who I intended.

Last night as we were leaving the library after the second failed attempt at voting Rehm was talking about past elections. He was expounding on why it was so important to vote and talking about how we didn't want to have another election like the 2000 election in Florida. I reminded him that we voted in that election and that he was not alive for that one. Then he wanted to know who we voted for when we voted at "the other place that is not my school?" I realized he was talking about the 2004 election! We took him and Charlotte with us for early voting for that election too. He was 3! He remembers! I told him it was the presidential election. Then I think he said something about John Kerry having a plan...

Eliza Claire proudly displaying her voting sticker

Ruby proudly displaying her voting sticker

I'm glad my girls went with me today. I know they won't remember it but I know that Michael and I are doing our part to raise a family that is aware of the importance of being politically active. It is a privilege to vote and it is one I wish more people took advantage of.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can't Leave Anyone Out

Since Mom wanted to know where Ruby was today. Here is her picture from this morning as well. Doesn't she look styling? The three girls together really make a statement. However, I think that statement is "What was their mother thinking?" They are definitely a bright bunch today.

OK so apparently I can leave someone out. I don't have any pictures to add of Rehm. Oops! I'll make tomorrow all about him, well at least the next blog entry anyway.

PS. Yes Ruby has a black eye - she fell jumping around in her room and smacked it on the window sill. At least the hat covers the knot on her forehead where she fell into the corner of the coffee table. Not a good head weekend for Ruby.
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Fashion Diva

Charlotte takes pride in picking out her clothes all by herself. This is today's ensemble. The pants have multicolored polka dots on them. They really complete the outfit!
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Could she be any cuter?

I snapped this picture at school this morning. All three girls insisted on wearing hats. I thought this turned out adorabably of Eliza Claire.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ruby and Charlotte

Ruby and Eliza Claire

Kennedy and Charlotte

Ah the joys of having girls! We were invited to a wonderful birthday party this weekend for our dear friend Kennedy. It included going to the Scottish Rite Theater to see Cinderella performed. The play was fabulous and all four of my kids loved it. The girls insisted on dressing up like princesses for the show. OK Charlotte insisted and then her little sisters followed suit. Of course princesses must have fancy hair so all three girls had versions of the hairstyle below.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bentley Hills Chihuahua???

Rehm and Charlotte have been singing the song from the Bentley Hills Chihuahua movie for months. I guess they would like it if I would actually take them to see it. Here is a show the girls put on yesterday. I don't know where Charlotte got these moves...


Just Charlotte being silly.
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Monday, October 20, 2008


Click to enlarge - if you really want to see...

But I still don't see how this will ever look normal. We see the dentist tomorrow.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Again, Really?

This afternoon when going to pick up Charlotte from school, Eliza Claire tripped and fell flat on her face on concrete again! I got someone to pick up Charlotte and headed to the office to get a popsicle for Eliza Claire so I could assess the damage. This time she had knocked two of her teeth way up in the gum. They were bloody and hard to see - neither was the tooth that got knocked loose yesterday!

At that point, it all was just too much and my tears came. I just couldn't believe we were reliving it all again in only 24 hours! How did this happen?

Luckily we were finally able to find an oral surgeon that could tell us over the phone that the teeth did not need attention today but wants to see her in a few weeks to see how everything looks. The surgeon's office returned my call from earlier this morning and assured me that her lip really was going to get better and that they really didn't need to see it even though it looks nasty today and when I described it she did say that wasn't normal but still not concerning. Oh, and did I mention that I had the nurse practitioner cracking up when I told her that my concern was Eliza Claire going off to college with this big flap of skin still hanging off of her lip?

Here is a cute conversation I had with Eliza Claire in the car this afternoon after leaving the school.

Eliza Claire: Mommy, we go see Dr. Horwitz?

Me: No honey we are going to Grandma's to pick up Ruby.

Eliza Claire: I need go see Dr. Horwitz again!

Me: Why?

Eliza Claire: 'Cause I fall and hurt my mouth again! He need look at it.

I thought this was extremely cute.

Eliza Claire seems to be doing well. She has been a real trooper today and honestly held up better today than her mother did.

Before you ask, her shoes that she has worn the last two days, which are only 6 days old, have been retired. In my spare time this weekend I will be taking her to purchase a new pair or new shoes. And no I don't intend to encase her in a bubble, though I have been very tempted this evening...

This Girl Just Keeps Surprising Me


Given my children's personalities and risk taking propensity I've made some assumptions about how certain things in life will go. Like who will be the first to go to the emergency room, who is going to send me to the loony bin in college, etc. Of course they are already proving me wrong. But that isn't that why we have children? To learn just how much we don't know and that we aren't as intelligent as we thought we were. I know in a few years they will inform me of that very fact themselves but in the mean time I'm learning that I shouldn't make so many assumptions about them.

After Charlotte was born I had her pegged as the one that would go to the minor emergency/emergency room first for an injury. She has always been a risk taker. The type that just jumps right in and worries about the consequences later. Not like her older brother, Rehm. He likes to sit back and watch what everyone is doing and how things work together. He is very thoughtful and purposeful. Then along came Ruby and Eliza Claire. Ruby makes Charlotte look cautious! She is truly a spontaneous person. Eliza Claire on the other hand is very cautious and thoughtful. Given everyone's personality I had Ruby pegged as the first to have an injury - well since Charlotte hadn't already met that milestone. Next on my list was of course Charlotte, then Rehm and last, Eliza Claire.

I was wrong! This summer Eliza Claire got a trip to minor emergency while we were at the beach for a dislocated elbow - nursemaid's elbow. She was walking holding my hand and decided to go limp like only a toddler can do. I instinctively tightened my grip on her wrist and thus dislocated her elbow - which we didn't figure out for a couple of hours - bad Mom!

Then yesterday she fell at school face first onto concrete while running. She chipped two teeth, knocked anther back - it is loose and the gum is very bruised, and lacerated her inner lip. She has a nice flap of lip that is no longer attached. And let me just say it ain't pretty! I know I'm not supposed to use ain't but it is appropriate here - trust me.

Yesterday at the surgeon's office - doesn't look too bad. She was actually running laps around the waiting room. I apparently was the only one traumatized by the experience.

We visited the pediatrician who thought it might truly need to be stitched so he sent us to a pediatric surgeon instead of making us go to the ER. The surgeon said that since it was inside the mouth they don't do anything especially when it has stopped bleeding on its own. It will heal with no intervention.
This morning. She is saying "cheese" and smiling in this picture - not that you can tell. Trust me this does not do it justice it looks much worse in real life.

Yesterday I believed him. Today, I'm afraid my daughter is going to have a deformed lip for the rest of her life. The piece that is lose is now hanging straight down from her top lip. It is simply hideous. So hideous that I have actually called them back to ask them if it really is supposed to look like this and if they are sure it will really be OK. They haven't called me back yet and I'm sure will think I'm crazy when they do. But it is Friday and I want to make sure it is really OK before the weekend. So hideous that sometimes it even makes me cringe when I see it and gives me a case of the heebeejeebees. Isn't that terrible?

We also called the dentist per the pediatricians recommendation. She is out of town at a conference. We called another dentist and he was also at the conference. His assistant made a few calls for us and called back to say everyone she called was at the conference but that the consensus was that there was really nothing to be done but call and make an appointment next week with our dentist.

So my girl has a very nasty looking mouth that suffered a lot of trauma but there is at this point absolutely nothing to do for any of it.

And I have learned that I can not make assumptions about my kids as they will prove me wrong every time!

Have a good Friday! And if you see my precious daughter please try not to wince.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It has been so long since we have had a rainy day in these parts that I had about forgotten how to react. Ruby and Eliza Claire were thrilled to get to wear their rain coats.

At some point in the day it occurred to me that the yellow rain coat was a hand-me-down from my cousin Zachary who turned 12 today. I know from the name written in the coat that it was a hand-me -down to Zachary. That means it is at least 14 years old. It has been worn by Zachary and all four of my children and it is still in excellent condition. In a year or two I know we will pass it on to someone else as it is still in perfect condition. I wonder just how many children have worn this coat and how many more will.

I don't know why the history of the yellow rain coat is so interesting to me today but I just find it really neat that it has been passed down so many times.

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This is for you Zachary

Today my cousin is 12. He is one of my kids most favorite people. He is always nice enough to call and sing to them on their birthdays so we wanted to return the favor. However my kids go to bed so early,, in a futile attempt to preserve my sanity, I knew the best way to get his birthday wishes to him would be by video.

Little Texans

The girls came out of the play room both wearing cowboy hats. I'm not sure why but they were so adorable I had to snap a few pictures. They definitely look like Texans today - all that is missing is some cute little boots.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today I Remember

From Sam

My precious first born, Samuel Frank Maham

Today is the National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. Today I remember Samuel Frank Maham, Ryan Michael Maham, Shane Howard Ellison, Rebecca Alice Crow, Edward Thomas Crow, Henry Kaine, Bradley and Josephine Jane Bohn, Bradley Smith, Evan, Sara Reddoch, Carter Lawerence, and many, many more dear children that went to heaven before their parents were ready.

Please take a moment today to lift up anyone you know who has had to walk this difficult path. And take an extra moment to appreciate your children. They are such precious gifts and in the business of each day it is easy to forget what gifts they are.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thank you, Cici!

Cici was kind enough to buy new robes for all of the kids. They arrived today and everyone was very excited.

Cici this is for you!

If you watched the video and heard the "thunk" at the end, that was Charlotte knocking over my drink and thus the reason the video ending without Eliza Claire ever saying thank you where you could hear it. I was not happy. But was glad when I replayed the video that I got the camera turned off before my unhappiness was caught for everyone's pleasure.

Here are some pictures as well. I'm too tired to decide which ones to actually post so you'll just have to look at them all :) Enjoy

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Field of Rehm

Rehm's class is doing a project where each of them have to make something you find in a town or city. Rehm's first idea was a NASA space shuttle launch pad. His second idea was a baseball field. I quickly convinced him the baseball field was a much better idea! This is the finished project. It is about 18 inches square. One of the requirements was that whatever they built have a name and it be on the model. It took me a day or two to convince him that the "Field of Rehm" was a much better name than Rehm's Field. I guess if he were old enough to see the movie it would make more sense. He turns it in on Friday.
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OK I'm really annoyed. I just typed up a whole post and blogger lost it! Ugh. So here goes again.

On October 5 we had a fire in our neighborhood. The kids and I were headed to the gym. When we went in the garage I could smell what smelled like someone with a fire in a fireplace. I thought I know it is in the 80s but I don't understand how a crazy Texan thinks that makes it cool enough for a fire! When I opened the garage door I thought I saw smoke. When we got to the end of the street there was no question there was smoke coming from behind the houses on the street our street dead ends into. When we got to the end of the street I could see ash floating in the air and several people running around. I could hear sirens in the background . This was a real fire!

I drove around the block and saw several neighbors congregating at the entrance to the greenbelt. My suspicions were confirmed - fire in the greenbelt. As I was leaving the neighborhood I passed four fire trucks and two police cars. I called Michael to alert him to the fire within a quarter of a mile from our house. I felt a little guilty to leave him home under the circumstances, especially since he was only three days post surgery and still pretty immobile.

The kids were full of questions and wanted to stop to see what was going on. I explained that we needed to stay out of the way so the firefighter could do their jobs.

Michael sent the above picture while I was at the gym. It is taken from the end of our street. I think there ended up being eight firetrucks working on the fire. Luckily, no one was injured and the only damage was to the underbrush in the greenbelt and to several fences.

After dinner we walked down in the greenbelt so the kids could see the damage. The pictures don't really show as much as I had hoped.

The next day a neighbor told us the fire was started by a couple of 10 or 11 year olds that found a lighter in the greenbelt. They were responsible enough to go to a neighbor and ask for a bucket of water when their fire got out of hand! We took this opportunity to have a fire safety talk with our kids. I asked them if they knew what a lighter or matches looked like. Rehm did, Charlotte didn't. So I got some of both out and showed them to her. Rehm's immediate response, "Can we light the candle!" Um, no, we can not! Did you not listen to a thing I just said?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Charlotte

Yes, I know her birthday is in September and yes, I know it is is now October. I was waiting until after her birthday party to post about all the festivities at once - OK I've just been really busy and that was my excuse for not getting a birthday post up the day after her birthday. But it was a good excuse. Her party was 11 days after her birthday because she kept changing her mind about what kind of party she wanted to have. By the time her father got her to make a decision that was the best we could do.

I can not believe my wonderful, sweet, opinionated, expressive, empathetic, strong willed, dramatic, smart, loud, silly, absolutely perfect girl is five! How did that happen? She is an amazing girl and I am so glad I get to be her mother. She truly is a blessing to our family.

She went to her well visit and weighed 51 pounds and was 45 inches tall. Her brother at five was 47 inches and 47 pounds. She is in the 90th percentile for both. She had to get two shots at her check up and she didn't cry at all. I was surprised given how dramatic she can be. But her little sisters got their flu shots before her and they didn't cry. I think that gave her motivation not to, as well.

Charlotte loves to play dress up and with dolls. She has really gotten into "mommying" her dolls these days. She loves to change their clothes and put them down for naps or feed them. She is a good mommy most of the time. She also loves playing with her little sisters. She loves to get to be the big kid and decide what they will play and make the rules (I wonder who she got that from?).

Charlotte's new favorite color is purple. Apparently pink is not cool enough for five year olds.

Her favorite food is pigs in a blanket

Her favorite TV show is Signing Time.

Her favorite book is Little House on the Prairie early chapter books.

Her favorite CD is Party Like a Preschooler and her favorite song on it is the ABC song

Her favorite movie is Cheetah Girls One World.

Her favorite Disney character is Sleeping Beauty.

Her favorite doll is Caroline and her favorite stuffed animal is Lisa Bunny

She is loving school and is definitely left handed.

For her birthday party she decided on Pump it Up. She has begged for a party there since she went to a friends party that "rocked her head off!" I'm not sure what that means but apparently it is a good thing. She had a great time at her party! It was perfect!

She was very specific about what she wanted on her cake this year. Her exact instructions were, "I want it to have flowers and swirls and be pink, purple and orange." Remembering the tears and argument I had with my own mother when picking out my birthday cake when I was five, I said, "that sounds perfect!" Here is the result. It looks better than I thought it would and it tasted great.
Yes I know this is sideways, I've tried to fix it three times and it keeps coming up sideways. So I give up. You get the idea!

Happy birthday sweet girl! Your mommy loves you!


PS. When I was five I got to have my first birthday party with friends, not just family. My mom took me to Food World to buy a cake. She told me I could pick it out. I was so excited. When we got there she asked what I wanted. I said I wanted a white cake with white frosting and blue flowers, as blue was my favorite color. She told me I could not have blue flowers as food was not supposed to be blue. She tried to get me to pick another color for the flowers. I cried big tears and told her, "but you said I could pick it out! I really want blue flowers!" In the end she acquiesced and I had my perfect cake! I still remember cutting into that cake and just how yummy it was. I don't think Mom even remembers this incident but it left a big impression on me;)