Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Leaving Early Voting

I just got back from Early Voting. This was my third attempt. The first two times we decided the line was too long and left. Today I had the twins with me but decided the line didn't look that long. I was right! It took about 15 minutes from the time I got in line until I was finished. Not bad at all.

The girls were very cute. They kept saying they wanted to go "boat!" They are very happily sporting their stickers showing that they did their part. They both were very well behaved and curious about the whole process.

When we were leaving Ruby asked "Why you boat, Mommy." I told her it was important to vote. She asked why. I told her that it was part of being a good citizen. She asked why. I older her it was our way to have a say in our government. She didn't say anything. I think she finally decided "boating" was over her head.

This was my first experience with computerized voting. I liked it. It seemed more intuitive to me than the paper ballot. When I left I was confident that I had really voted for who I intended.

Last night as we were leaving the library after the second failed attempt at voting Rehm was talking about past elections. He was expounding on why it was so important to vote and talking about how we didn't want to have another election like the 2000 election in Florida. I reminded him that we voted in that election and that he was not alive for that one. Then he wanted to know who we voted for when we voted at "the other place that is not my school?" I realized he was talking about the 2004 election! We took him and Charlotte with us for early voting for that election too. He was 3! He remembers! I told him it was the presidential election. Then I think he said something about John Kerry having a plan...

Eliza Claire proudly displaying her voting sticker

Ruby proudly displaying her voting sticker

I'm glad my girls went with me today. I know they won't remember it but I know that Michael and I are doing our part to raise a family that is aware of the importance of being politically active. It is a privilege to vote and it is one I wish more people took advantage of.


Shelly said...

I usually take one or both of our girls with me when we go vote. Cameron was asking what her first Pres. election will be, and then we realized she'll miss it by a year and will have to wait until 2020! So she and Brenna will both cast their first presidential ballots the same year.

Cathi_in_TX said...

Too cute. Griffin was happy to have his "I voted" sticker today as well.