Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween - Postscript

I realize there were a few things I forgot to say in the Evening Edition.

Everyone picked out their own costumes. The girls all picked theirs out at Old Navy. We happened to be there about a month ago when there was a sale and decided to take advantage and get the costuming out of the way.

Ruby originally had picked an adorable red dragon that I loved much more than the bug. Then she wanted to be a cat and finally decided that the bug was the costume.

Eliza Claire originally wanted to be the cat. Then the bat and finally decided on the skunk. I wish she would have chosen the bat as it would have been cute to have a bat and vampire.

Charlotte saw the poodle and immediately fell in love. We were very lucky that they had her size. This will be her last year to fit in an Old Navy costume. Next year I'm sure we will graduate to High School Musical or Hannah Montana or some other such commercialized nonsense. This year I was thrilled to have a poodle.

Rehm was very miffed on the Old Navy day because he didn't walk out with a costume. They of course had nothing in his size and he had his choices narrowed down to a skeleton (or as Charlotte says Selican - rhymes with pelican - cracks me up every time she says it).

I try very hard to let them make their own choices on things like costumes within reason. I'm not thrilled that Rehm is to the point he wants to embrace the "scary" side of Halloween but at least he didn't want to be Jason or someone like that. The whole reason he wanted to be a vampire is because he likes the count on Sesame Street. Shh, don't tell anyone. It must be our little secret. He would not be happy if anyone knew he still occasionally watches Sesame Street or that that was where the costume idea came from.
Same kid? Really?

It is amazing how quickly they go from cute costumes, like my girls all had this year, to scary costumes. Last year Rehm wanted to be a ghost so we turned a sheet into an costume. It was his in between year. It wasn't really scary but he was definitely wanting it to be. This year I think we truly made the transition.

I think the pictures from this year are interesting with my three cute and cuddly girls and my very grown up vampire. He wanted his face done. I didn't realize how much of a difference it made in the feel of the costume until we were finished. It really did take it to the next level.

It makes me a little sad that we have hit this milestone, but then I think about the fact that he had a pre-arranged "date" with a girl and the costume issues fall right off my radar!

They just don't stay young long, do they?

PS. I think this is truly my last Halloween post for this year but I make no promises.

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Cici said...

Rehm, your sisters looked cute...but you would have scared me! I would not have known who you were!