Friday, October 17, 2008

Again, Really?

This afternoon when going to pick up Charlotte from school, Eliza Claire tripped and fell flat on her face on concrete again! I got someone to pick up Charlotte and headed to the office to get a popsicle for Eliza Claire so I could assess the damage. This time she had knocked two of her teeth way up in the gum. They were bloody and hard to see - neither was the tooth that got knocked loose yesterday!

At that point, it all was just too much and my tears came. I just couldn't believe we were reliving it all again in only 24 hours! How did this happen?

Luckily we were finally able to find an oral surgeon that could tell us over the phone that the teeth did not need attention today but wants to see her in a few weeks to see how everything looks. The surgeon's office returned my call from earlier this morning and assured me that her lip really was going to get better and that they really didn't need to see it even though it looks nasty today and when I described it she did say that wasn't normal but still not concerning. Oh, and did I mention that I had the nurse practitioner cracking up when I told her that my concern was Eliza Claire going off to college with this big flap of skin still hanging off of her lip?

Here is a cute conversation I had with Eliza Claire in the car this afternoon after leaving the school.

Eliza Claire: Mommy, we go see Dr. Horwitz?

Me: No honey we are going to Grandma's to pick up Ruby.

Eliza Claire: I need go see Dr. Horwitz again!

Me: Why?

Eliza Claire: 'Cause I fall and hurt my mouth again! He need look at it.

I thought this was extremely cute.

Eliza Claire seems to be doing well. She has been a real trooper today and honestly held up better today than her mother did.

Before you ask, her shoes that she has worn the last two days, which are only 6 days old, have been retired. In my spare time this weekend I will be taking her to purchase a new pair or new shoes. And no I don't intend to encase her in a bubble, though I have been very tempted this evening...

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