Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rehm is Six!

How in the world did that happen? I can not believe my boy is six!

He had a great birthday. He got to have birthday cake for breakfast (a family tradition). He opened his presents from us (a scooter) and from Aunt Tracy, Uncle Steve and Zachary (A moon in my room, video game and propel) before going to school. He really seemed to like them all but his favorite was the video game (electronic pinball). He went to school early that morning so he could spend money his Cici and Papa gave him at the book fair. He bought a dinosaur book and a couple of ocean books. Then he got to have cupcakes with his class. That night he got to choose whether we went out for dinner or had dinner at home and went back to school for the ice cream social. He chose the latter. He had fun getting his face painted and getting a tattoo as well as making his own ice creme Sunday. Of course his father and I ended up buying a few more books a the book fair. You can never have enough books can you?

The next day was the student led conference at his school. Michael and I both attended. Their class was in the cafeteria with each student at a different table. We sat down with Rehm. He explained that he would show us his notebook that had some of his work in it and when he was done he would read us two books. His notebook showed various things they were doing in class and at the end he said, "this one shows I can write sentences." Me, being the bad mother, said "How do I know you can really do that? Show me." He responded that he didn't have anything to write on. I of course produced a sheet of paper and a pen. He wrote "Today is my burfday." So he can write sentences but he is still learning spelling. He did a great job leading his conference and was so proud to have the responsibility. After the conference he convinced me to take him to Krispy Kreme for "a award." He means reward but calls them awards.

Currently Rehm is very into dinosaurs, the ocean, computer games, Cyber Chase and Magic School Bus. He likes to play soccer, t-ball and basketball.

Rehm was very fortunate to receive nine bottles of propel for his birthday from his Cici and Papa and Aunt Tracy. They all think that his parents are being mean by making him buy his own Propel. They will probably all be happy to know that Rehm received and increase in his allowance for his birthday. He now gets $1.50, so he now has $1.05 of disposable income a week. They should also be aware that if his inventory of Propel increases above 10 bottles of propel his parents will start charging him to lease space in the refrigerator. He will of course be allowed to store unopened bottles in his room for free, but if he wants it cold, it will cost him!

Rehm is a complete and total joy and every day I thank God for letting me be his mother.

Happy Birthday Rehm!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is THAT?

Today has not been a great day. Ruby and Eliza Claire have not wanted to nap today. It seems like every nap was about 20 minutes. Never enough to get their nap out just enough to make them even more fussy. Of course it doesn't help that their schedule is impacted by having to get the older kids where they need to go. Finally around 3:30 everyone was home and Ruby and Eliza Claire were in bed asleep!

I decided to take this opportunity to be a bad mom and put the big kids in front of the TV downstairs while I went upstairs for a little quite time of my own. OK so I was really watching General Hospital and painting my nails (I know that sounds like the SAHM who sits around and eats bon bons. But if I didn't get a few minutes to myself it was not going to be pretty).

After about 30 minutes I thought "I can't believe Charlotte hasn't been up here." You see Charlotte doesn't have a very long attention span for TV. Within five minutes of thinking this I hear screaming and crying. Charlotte sounds hurt!

I rush downstairs. I walk in the family room/kitchen. I find Charlotte on the floor under an open drawer holding a pair of scissors and crying. I also see this on the floor.

I'm trying to figure out what she has done. Obviously she has given herself a hair cut but she is crying and there is a place on her head. Did she fall on the scissors? What has she done? I finally get her to tell me. She was sitting on the floor cutting her hair and stood up. When she stood up she hit her head on the open drawer. That is what made her cry.

Upon investigating her hair she had cut partial bangs (only on one side), cut a few layers (on the other side), and cut a section above her ear to the scalp!

Oh boy! Now what? How do we fix this? We have professional pictures schedule for next Monday! What to do?

I decided to take a stab at fixing it myself knowing I would probably have to get professional help at some point. I cut about two to three inches off the length (hoping the shorter length would disguise the layers on the one side) and fixed her new bangs. Luckily the really short section is under some other hair and I think this fix will work. Unfortunately we now have bangs. I don't like bangs and know what a pain they are to grow out but apparently Charlotte thought they were a good idea.

I asked her why she cut her hair and she told me "I didn't think they would cut." I gather she meant she thought the scissors would only cut paper and not work on hair.

Needless to say this did not improve the crazy, not fun day I was having!

Here are the before and after pics.

Charlotte after she cut her hair

Charlotte after I cut her hair

Note to self: Don't leave Charlotte unattended while watching TV!

Jenn, who won't be getting anymore quite time during the day for a while. I'm just not sure it was worth it!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ruby and Eliza Claire are Nine Months Old

Eliza and Ruby at Denny's today

How in the world is that possible? Has it really been that long? Why in the world is the baby weight not gone yet? What happened to 9 months on, 9 months off? Oh well, hopefully by their first birthday.

I know you are all curious to know what my sweet girls are up to now.

Ruby is crawling army style wherever she wants to go. She can get to sitting from laying on the ground. She is very opinionated. Things are either really great or really not! She is very animated and most of the time a very happy baby. She is babbling more and more and signs "all done." She also waves hello and goodbye. She weighs 20 pounds, 6 ounces.

Eliza Claire is crawling army style but not necessarily where she wants to go. She still hasn't figured out how to get to laying down from sitting with out bonking her head, which makes her really mad. She says "hi" and "Mama." She babbles a lot and is just very smilely and happy. She likes to watch what is going on and is very laid back. She weighs 22 pounds, 7 ounces.

I am so glad God blessed us with these two precious girls! They are such a blessing.


Rehm's Birthday Celebration

What a crazy day! Let's see it started with me needing to be at work at 8:00 and Rehm needing to be at church for choir by 9:00. I had to work until 11:30 and he had to sing at the 9:30, 11:00 and 11:15 services. Then for Rehm it was off to have his t-ball team picture taken, while I needed to get lunch for everyone, pick up the birthday cake and make sure we were at the bowling alley by 2:00. If you are thinking "huh?" you know how I felt all day! It was crazy, what were we thinking to schedule Rehm's birthday party on a Sunday? Sundays are always crazy at our house. Oh wait every day is crazy at your house.

Rehm's birthday is this Tuesday, but we had his birthday party today at a local bowling alley. Everyone had a blast. Well except for one poor friend who arrived, promptly threw up on her dad's shirt and had to go home. I hope she is feeling better and we were really sad that she didn't get to enjoy the party. And even more sad that she isn't feeling well.

Rehm said it was the "Best Party EVER!" He was so excited because he had a total of 5 spares. On his second game he scored a 99! OK remember they had bumper guards. Watching them actually bowl was just hilarious. Rehm and Will would run up to the line with the ball held two handed way out to one side and throw it. Charlotte and Lael walked up and either did the granny roll or sat down and then rolled it. I think fun was had by all.

After the party we went to dinner at Olive Garden (Rehm's choice) with all the grandparents. Rehm had is new favorite dish - fettucini Alfredo. After dinner the wait staff brought him a special dessert and sang "Happy Birthday." He thought that was very cool.

How did my baby get so big? How can he possibly be turning six?

Don't forget to check out the rest of the party pics and check back tomorrow, in my spare time I hope to put together a special photo tribute to the birthday boy.


The Laundry Fairy Has Left the Building

And now I must get brave Mount Dirty Laundry alone. Will I make it? I'm not sure. But I and my trusty assistants will make a valiant effort!

Oh no, I must also wash all the bottles and dishes and put them all away. How will I do this?

I wont! What gets done, gets done. Unfortunately the rest will wait for me...

Happy chores to all,
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Laundry Fairy

Yes! The Laundry Fairy really does exists! She has been at my house for several weeks now. She is the most amazing fairy! She is definitely better than the Tooth Fairy! Way better! She washes, drys, folds, hangs and even puts things away! It is utterly amazing! Unfortunately, the Laundry Fairy is an elusive creature and can not be enticed to stay at my house any longer. Alas, on Monday the Laundry Fairy will go away and not be back for several months. She will be sorely missed and her next arrival will be anxiously anticipated. And you know the other cool thing about the Laundry Fairy? She is married to Father Fix-it! What an amazing combination.

If you spot the Laundry Fairy please tell her we miss her!

PS. I feel I must take this opportunity to say that doing laundry and fixing things around the house is not the real reason we enjoy Papa and Cici's visits (but they are very nice perks). We enjoy getting to spend time with them and getting to see them with the kids. We would enjoy their visits just as much even if they didn't do a single chore while they were here! And we would miss them just as much when they leave! Thanks Papa and Cici for being great parents and grandparents!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hummus Recipe

This is the best recipe. I must have some of this hummus in the fridge at all times. It is what I eat for lunch most days on a wheat English muffin or wheat pita. My friend Deeann gave me the recipe and I just LOVE it!

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.



8-10 med. garlic cloves

3.c. drained cannellini. beans (chick peas or great northern work too)

(about 2 19-oz.cans)

1/2 c. sesame paste (raw tahini, have it at Whole Foods or place like that)

1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil

1/4 c. lemon juice

1 T. + 1/2 tsp. soy sauce

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. ground cumin

1/8 tsp. ground coriander

1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper

1/4-1/2 c. cold water-if needed

garnish with chopped parsley or basil

8 pita breads

In a food processor, process garlic until it is finely minced.

Add the beans and pulse to coarsely chop the beans. With the food

processor running, add the sesame paste, olive oil, lemon juice and

soy sauce. Scrape down the sides. Add salt, cumin, coriander and

pepper. Process until thoroughly blended. If needed, add some water

so it is a good consistency for dipping. Transfer to a bowl and cover

tightly. Refrigerate to chill. Serve with pita bread (preheated in 250

oven) and Checca.

Checca: (optional)

2 Ibs. ripe Roma (plum) tomatoes cut into 1/2-inch dice

2 tsp. salt

1 T. minced fresh basil

1 T. minced garlic

1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil

Toss tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt and oil
together. Refrigerate until well chilled.

So far I have not made the Checca, just the hummus. And if you know me you know I can not follow a recipe. I must make changes. Here are my changes to the Hummus. I use chick peas. My store doesn't have Tahini so I use natural peanut butter instead. I don't add the salt or coriander (I don't have any coriander and keep forgetting to purchase it) and I don't add any water. Otherwise I follow the recipe :)


A Friend of the Earth

Yesterday it was drizzling. Charlotte started singing "Rain, Rain Go Away" at breakfast. I told her that when Rehm was little (before she was born) we used to sing it a little different. I sang her this version:

Rain, rain go away,
Come again...NEVER!

Charlotte did not like this version. She told me "that is not right, Mommy! You can't sing it that way." I asked why not and her response, "Because it has to rain to wash the Earth. We have to keep the Earth clean!" We had this exact same conversation several times throughout the day. It was really bothering her.

OK so was Earth Day this week and I didn't know it? Have they been talking about take care of the Earth at school? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for doing our part to keep the Earth clean (within reason - I'm not calculating my carbon foot print and planting trees to offset it or anything. Actually I just want to say for the record, my carbon footprint is probably smaller than the single person's who drives a hybrid, since I get to divide my emissions by the number of occupants in the vehicle and most of the time there are a minimum of three occupants and I drive a LEV. Ah but I digress...) But I was a little surprised at the strength of her reaction. Which of course led me to believe maybe it was Earth Day after all...

Happy Drizzly Day,

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What is a Normal Week?

There has been a lot of craziness around here in the last few weeks. What with trying to kill the cat, Michael having pneumonia, Papa and Cici being here and spring break. I was ready for a break this week. You know a nice "normal" week where everyone is healthy and there are no surprises or sickness. You know that week you are always wishing for where everything goes smoothly and you don't forget anyone's lunch or show up at the doctor on the wrong day. I'm starting to think a "normal" week is a myth. Someone is just perpetuating the idea of a "normal" week so that we will all look forward to it and be disappointed when it doesn't occur.

Actually my hypothesis is that the "normal" week is actually the week of unexpected occurrences. Or at least that is how it seems to me. Every week something throws a wrench in the plan and usually by Monday afternoon the "normal" week is already out the window. If this happens every week, wouldn't that make IT normal? Hmmm... I think I may be on to something. So I really don't wish for the "normal" week but the "uneventful" week.

So what has made this week "normal?"

Ruby enjoying green beans!

Ruby woke up during the night Saturday with a fever. Her only other symptom was a runny nose that she had had for about three weeks. On Monday the fever was still hanging around so I called the doctor. The nurse and I decided it sounded viral and didn't need an appointment. Tuesday afternoon the fever got higher so I called for an appointment for Wednesday. It was not a fun appointment for poor Ruby. She had a finger stick to see what her white cell count was doing. It came back high so the doctor wanted to get a urine sample. Unfortunately he decided she needed to be catheterized to get the sample. The results showed a UTI so then poor Ruby had to get a shot of antibiotics. By the time they came to check her leg to make sure she didn't have a reaction to the shot she was DONE! The nurse just looked at her and Ruby started crying big crocodile tears. Poor baby.

The good news is that she is feeling much better today and her fever is much lower. Unfortunately I don't think she will be happy to see Dr. Bayer in two weeks for a recheck and well baby visit. In case you are curious, Ruby weighed 20 pounds, 6 ounces and Eliza Claire weighed 22 pounds, 7 ounces.

So if Ruby's doctor ordeal wasn't enough, I managed to lose the cat yesterday and Tuesday as well. I think the cat is about to become more trouble than he is worth! You see, in the last month or so he has been going in our fenced backyard some. He really seems to enjoy these jaunts and sits at the back door and begs to go outside. Well, Tuesday he went out and it started raining. And you know cats, they don't particularly like rain and Zach who had NEVER been out in the rain really didn't like it! So I heard him meowing to come in but I was in the middle of something (probably changing a diaper of feeding someone a bottle) and couldn't go get him right then. Of course by the time I went to get him I couldn't find him. After about 5 minutes of calling him and looking I found him OUTSIDE the gate, in the front yard. Oops, he was only supposed to be in the backyard.

After Zach's great escape, Michael and I decided that maybe Zach should not be allowed in the back yard anymore. Of course that didn't last 24 hours! Charlotte let him out when she was going to play in the back yard yesterday. Of course when we went to look for him last night we couldn't find him. This really worried Michael, but I took the love and logic approach - it was Zach's problem and Zach's choice to come home. I just hoped he made a good choice. Luckily when Michael took the dogs out in the middle of the night Zach was waiting at the back door to be let in. So I guess he really does like us after all.

Note to self, don't let the cat out again.

Charlotte funny quote of the week: Mommy, you need to pray to God and tell him not to put anymore babies in your tummy!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Trip to the Ocean

Charlotte Swimming in the Ocean

Charlotte drying off after her swim

After church today, Rehm came downstairs in his new swim trunks and declared that it was Swim Suit Day. Of course a few minutes later Charlotte came down in her swim suit and a cover up.

They both started talking about taking a trip to the ocean. After a few minutes, Rehm got bored and decided to go play computer games, but Charlotte was still talking about her trip to the ocean so I decided I would like to go to the ocean too.

We went the the Northwest Ocean (the master bathroom). The sun was shining bright (the lights were on), there was a breeze (the ceiling fan) and the tide came in (turned on the faucet) just in time for Charlotte to go for a swim (in the tub). I laid on the beach (the floor) and rested while she played in the water. When she was done she laid on her towel to dry off in the sun. Then she built a sand castle and collected sea shells. Charlotte decided to go back in the ocean and found a sea turtle that was going to shore to lay eggs. Then it was time for the tide to go out again (opened the drain) and we had to leave the beach.

We decided to set up our tent and take a rest in our sleeping bags (luckily the tent was my bedroom and the sleeping bag was my bed). I was all tuckered out from our ocean adventure and was able to take a wonderful nap under the stars by the sea.

What a wonderful day at the beach.
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oops, We Almost Killed the Cat!

Since Michael has been sick this week all pet care has been my responsibility. Normally he does Zach's insulin but this week it has been my job.

For those of you who don't know our cat Zach was diagnosed with diabetes about 18 months ago. That means he gets insulin injections twice a day.

Well last night Zach came in the kitchen around 8 pm and I thought while he was there I'd give him his medicine so I wouldn't have to remember to do it later. Then Mom and I went to Target to buy a birthday present for Charlie's second birthday party. When we got home about an hour later my dad told me that Michael has already given the cat his insulin and taken the dog's medicine upstairs (yes the dog gets medication too, for arthritis - gloucosamine and fish oil).

Yes I know at this point several of you are thinking we are completely crazy to be spending this much time, money and effort on our pets. But for us they are part of the family and how do you not treat them when their health problems are treated. Now I do have to say I wasn't sure how to fill out the forms at the vets where we had to choose if we wanted CPR preformed if the cat went into cardiac arrest. But that is probably a story for another day. OK back to the point.

I panicked. I explained to Dad and then Michael that I had already given the cat his shot. So after talking to Michael, I called the emergency vet to find out what we needed to do. Zach needed to eat immediately and then we could either wake up every 2 hours for the night to check on him or take him to the vet for them to monitor him.

I opened a can of cat food. Zach wouldn't touch it. Mom and Dad were nice enough to go buy the silly cat some tuna, which he ate but not as much as the vet told me he should. So we decided to be safe instead of sorry and took him to the vet for monitoring.

Luckily he is completely fine and home this morning. His levels never even got low enough for the vet to need to do any intervention.

We learned two really important lessons for having a diabetic cat. We need to have a chart that we mark off when he is given medicine so he doesn't get double dosed and we need to have tuna on hand for when he needs to eat immediately - we already have karo syrup in case he goes into insulin shock.

Lesson learned, luckily with no real harm done - just an extra bill this month.



Last night we decided to go to Hoovers for diner. This is one of our favorite restaurants but one we only seem to go to when we have company in town. They have fabulous "soul food." For dinner I always get the chicken fried steak (I guess it is a good thing we only go occasionally), but last night I actually decided to have a smoked chicken ceaser salad. It was really good but I missed the chicken fried steak. We realized when paying that they have a special right now - Monday through Friday, 4 to 6 pm, kids eat free and adult entrees are half price! So not only did we have a great dinner, we fed 5 adults and 2 kids for $35 before tip! The special runs through the end of April (I think). And of course eating dinner before six is not hard for us to do since the kids need to be in bed by 7:30 at the latest.

When we were leaving we noticed that on Saturday and Sunday they have half price breakfast between 8 and 10 am. So this morning we decided to check it out.

Yes I was a little embarrassed to be going back to the same restaurant a mere 14 hours later but their food is so good and you just can't beat the price right now! Let me just say the breakfast was FABULOUS! I ordered the eggs with chicken fried steak with home fries and a biscuit. Michael had the migas with cheese grits, Cici and Papa both had a traditional breakfast platter with eggs, sausage, grits, toast/biscuit. Rehm had pancakes and bacon and Charlotte ate off of everyone's plates. I tasted a little bit of everything but the migas. My favorites were the pancakes, sausage and cheese grits! Of course the chicken fried steak was great but that is always a given.

You must know for me to say pancakes are good is a big deal. I don't like pancakes, I only eat pancakes at Kerby Lane. I think all other pancakes are waste. But Hoover's pancakes rival Kerby Lane's. I would definitely order them again. And the garlic cheese grits were so good that even though I didn't originally order them after tasting Michael's I asked the waiter to bring me my own.

We will definitely be going back to Hoovers for breakfast. It was the best breakfast I've had in a long time!


PS. Helene, remember it is HOOVERS not HOOTERS

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Krispy Kreme Opening in Cedar Park

Cici and Papa took Rehm and Charlotte to Krispy Kreme this afternoon - I'm not really sure why. I think it had something to do with a sweet little five year old conning his Cici into it.

When they came home both kids were sporting Krispy Kreme hats and wanted to make their own donuts complete with a convayder belt (yes I know it is a conveyor belt but Rehm insists on calling it a convayder belt).

To make donuts Rehm drew the donuts on paper. Cici had to cut them out because Rehm says he "can't cut circles." Charlotte is cooking them in the oven of the play kitchen. I somehow got drafted to help cut donuts. Daddy and Papa ate donuts on the couch. Later in the process we told Rehm he had to help with the cutting. Cici remarked on what a good circle cutter he was. Rehm responded with "I was hiding that." His Daddy told him it was alway good to have some extra skills in his back pocket. Rehm's response was, surprisingly, "Huh?"

Donut Cutters

Donut Cooker

Rehm declared that he was the boss. I know that is just shocking.

The Boss

When I asked what we got paid I was informed we got "an extra day to come cut donuts." Upon further questioning, I was told we got "a day of eating donuts." When I asked if I could take a break to get some water my boss informed me there were no breaks. I told him I would report him to OSHA. His response, "Huh? Who?" I explained that OSHA was in charge of workplace safety and that he was not providing a safe working environment if he would not allow breaks.

Charlotte had to go to the restroom. On leaving the restroom, Michael informed her that "all employees must wash their hands before returning to work." Her response, "What you sayed Daddy?"

Employee of the Month

As I write Cici and Rehm are decorating donuts and Charlotte is trying to convince her daddy to buy a donut.

Happy Friday,

Do You See a Second Head?

OK do I have two heads? I keep looking in the mirror and I can't see a second one, but my husband seems to. Every time I say something to him he looks at me like I've grown a second head. Maybe it only pops out when I talk. I guess I should try talking to myself in the mirror and see if it pops out for me...Nope tried it, still only one. It must just come out for him. Hopefully it will go away soon because I'm ready for him to look at me like I'm normal again.

Have a happy day - I hope none of you grow second heads.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pnasty Pneumonia

Michael helping Rehm fill out his NCAA Tournament picks

Michael caught the runny nose virus from the kids last week. Unfortunately for him it turned into Pneumonia! We realized something was definitely wrong when he spiked a fever of 105! Yes that really says 105! Luckily we already had an appointment scheduled and they didn't make us go to the emergency room. Thank goodness for antibiotics. One dose and 24 hours of rest and he is feeling much better. He is still not back to normal but is definitely on the mend. I think I called the doctor to ask more questions with him this week than I ever had for the kids.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Tournament Time, BAYBEE!

After the baptism party, Grandma and Grandpa stuck around for the end of the Big XII conference tournament, playing some dominoes (Train, not 42...yet) and dining at Kid Cook Night. They also stayed for the NCAA Tournament Selection Show to see where UNC, the Aggies and the other 63 teams would be. Overall, not bad- the Aggies probably cost themselves a higher seed (they're #3 in the South) by not doing better in the Big XII tournament, but the best they could probably have done was #2, so not a big deal. UNC is the #1 seed in their regional and get to play their 1st two games in Greensboro. Plus, A&M and UNC wouldn't meet until the Final Four, so a lot of things would have to go right before Jennifer and I need separate viewing rooms.

So, today I printed out brackets for Rehm and Charlotte. Rehm wanted to have one to see the teams and pick the games. Charlotte just wanted her own copy (which I anticipated- and is why I printed her one) and to draw and Aggie basketball player on the back (which I didn't expect).

Rehm's pick (attached) were a mix of picking "the team with the higher number" (or seeding), teams he likes (A&M, UNC), teams he could identify as being near the ocean (Florida, Long Beach St), and teams with an "O", because "there's an 'o' in 'ocean'" (Oral Roberts). Of course, the team that combines multiple of these traits is going to meet Texas A&M in the championship game....that darkest of dark horses...the #15 seed in the Midwest regional....Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. Remember, you heard it from him first.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ruby and Eliza Claire Get Splashed!

Today Ruby and Eliza Claire were officially welcomed into our church's family. Michael and I promised to raise them to know Christ and our church promised to help them learn about God and Jesus. Charlotte and Rehm went up with us and everyone behaved beautifully.

Before we went up for the baptism Charlotte got dark green marker on her brand new white dress. Luckily it was a washable marker. And of course Eliza Claire spit up on her dress. I knew it would happen. She hasn't spit up much in the last several weeks but of course in a brand new white dress it was going to happen

Eliza Claire's whole face lit up when Pastor Rick put water on her head. She looked like she was thrilled to be welcomed into God's family. Ruby was excited and babbled at all of the appropriate times.

Our deacon could not be at church today and so we were blessed to have Mary Helen fill in for him. She was a very welcome addition to the celebration.

We were blessed to have several of our good friends and family present to celebrate with us. After the baptism we had lunch at our house. Ruby and Eliza slept through most of their party but didn't seem to mind.

It is days like today when I am reminded just how lucky I am to have the church family I do. It was so nice to look out into the congregation and see so many people who mean so much to me and my family.

Blessings to all,

PS Make sure you check out the baptism pictures!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Party Car

Charlotte had a birthday party to attend this afternoon. After getting all dressed up for the occasion she asked if we were taking "the party car." I asked her which car she meant. She said "Harry is the party car because he is the car that will take me to the party."

If my daughter already has the term Party Car in her vocabulary at three what will I be dealing with at 16? Yikes!

The party was a Ariel party and everyone was encouraged to dress up. Ariel even made an appearance at the party. Charlotte said it was "the most super, bestest party ever, ever, ever!" I guess that makes her friend Lauren "The Party Girl!"

Don't forget to move your clocks up!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Just a little background to help you understand my bias about the sport in general. I don't personally like baseball. I think they are a bunch of whiny sissies. I mean come on the field has to be raked a certain way! They can't play if there is a drop of rain! They can't have a speck of dirt on a base. Grow up and deal! Is this a sport or not? If you play baseball or just love the sport I apologize but I just don't get it. And did I mention it is boring and goes on, and on, and on, and on?

Rehm had is first T-ball game on Tuesday night. He looked so adorable in his uniform and so grown up! I realized after we got to the game and in the bleachers I was nervous! I was so afraid he would strike out or get out. Luckily he batted like a champ and hit twice and scored twice!

Rehm running to second base after his first hit

I have to confess I have been complaining about how serious the league takes itself. I thought it was ridiculous. I mean they are five year olds! Do we really need to practice two or three times a week? Do we really need to have scrimmages against other teams? Do we really have to have try outs? Did I mention they are FIVE?

But I have to say. I can see the difference in how well the team plays versus how well his basketball and soccer teams have played. There really is something to be said for the extra practice. And furthermore he is having a blast!

Rehm playing second base

Now I'm still not sure if they needed their names on their shirts and hats and if he really needed a bat bag. But I do have to say all those things come in handy too. I can pick him out on the field. I know which kid to root for when they are batting. He doesn't loose his hat. And we get to practice with all the paraphinalia he needs. So I guess I might be able to see it....

I might just decide I like this sport after all.

This week at the grocery store

The big news this week is I got to go to the grocery store all by myself! Wow, what a different experience! It was so easy! It was so quick! It was so quiet! Who knew the grocery store could be such a blissful experience?

I also got my first true shopping experience with the Grocery Game and I have to say it seems to be worth the time and money. I bought $112 worth of groceries for $92. A lot of people see bigger savings than this but I buy a lot of generics and shop at a low priced store to start with so I was pleased with the result.

I did find that no only does HEB have GREAT customer service when you are shopping with two or more small children but they also have GREAT customer service when you are shopping by yourself! The only downfall about shopping on Tuesday is I didn't see my dear friend Brenda today and grocery shopping without her is just not the same!


Wow, Eight Months Already!

Mom, why do we have to sit like this?

Eliza Claire


Playing Together - Yes it usually involves someone getting mauled

Ruby and Eliza Claire turned eight months old a week and a half ago and I am just now getting a minute to write about it! I guess that tells you how crazy things have been. Rehm, Charlotte and Ruby all had a virus that included a fever and runny nose. Charlotte's turned into a sinus infection. Rehm had basketball and t-ball going at the same time. We were all getting ready for my parents to arrive. Plus all the normal stuff.

So what have they done in the last month?

They have both gotten tubes in their ears. I have to say that is the best invention EVER! I made it almost a month without having to visit the pediatrician. Eliza hasn't had a crusty nose and a cough since and Ruby has been sleeping better (but still not without waking a couple of times each night).

Ruby is sitting up great, clapping, waving, army crawling, and on her hands and knees rocking and very made she can't go!

Eliza is sitting up great, waving, babbling up a storm - I think I've heard Mama and Dada, and on her hands and knees rocking but she isn't mad about not getting anywhere.

They are both eating more and more table food. I have yet to offer anything they really don't like. They like their Take and Toss sippy cups the best (we have the 4 oz ones and the 7 oz ones with handles). Meal time of course is extremely messy right now and I'm not really sure how much is making it in their mouths but the Toby thinks she has died and gone to heaven! They both like to steal things off of the other person's tray - for some reason their sister's food just tastes better. I also love our high chairs we are using this time around. We didn't have room for full size high chairs and received these for gifts.

All in all both girls are just the cutest, happiest babies ever.

Happy Day,

PS Don't forget they are getting baptized on Sunday at 9:30.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Madness

In addition to a fun time out our friends on Sunday for lunch, we went to the A&M-Missouri basketball game on Saturday. Because, you know, things weren't busy enough with Rehm having a basketball game (his final one...and it conflicted with his first t-ball game!), getting ready for Jennifer's parent's arrival, trying to find new tires for Henry (the Odyssey with the ludicrously priced run-flat tires), getting Charlotte through her turn with the fever virus, and everything else.

So, of course we hopped in Henry and took off for College Station. It was a family affair- not only did my parents go with us, but my oldest brother was in town and went along and Jennifer's parents made a slight detour on the 2nd day of their drive and met us after the game for dinner at Wings 'N More.

It was a family affair at the game, too. Being the last home game, it was Senior Day, and after the game the 6 seniors took turns addressing the crowd- Antanas Kavallauskas said, "I love you" in Lithuanian to his mom (who had flown over and was seeing him play for the 1st time in the US), and he, Acie Law IV and Marlon Pompey had their families come out on the floor with them. They've been a part of a remarkable turnaround- Pompey and Law's freshman year they were 0-16 in the Big XII- this year the team finished 2nd in the conference and has been in the Top 10 most of the year. They displayed tons of perseverance and heart. Granted, Jennifer and Eliza weren't thrilled with the delay in us getting out while the seniors talked- they'd spent the 2nd half walking the concourse since Eliza was not happy missing her nap. Hopefully, they'll forgive the rest of us!

I had a great time watching Acie "Mr. Clutch" Law IV play one last time, Rehm really enjoyed it- especially when the announcer would say, "THREEEEEEEEEE POINTER....JOOOOOOOSH CARTER!!!!", Charlotte made it through- napping on me, her uncle and grandpa, managing to wake up and watch the dance team, and Ruby seemed to be ok with all but the loudest parts.

Friday, March 02, 2007

My Laundry Week

Woohoo! For the first time all week I do not have wet clothes in the washer! Yes I'm admitting that I am such a wonderful housekeeper that I have been despreately behind on laundry all week.

My typical day has included stopping in the laundry room at least once a day to do the following laundry dance. Move the dry clothes to the laundry basket, move the wet clothes to the dryer, fold the load from the dryer so the basket is empty so I can put another load in the washer. As of this very moment, I have one load in the hamper that needs to be washed, a load in the dryer and the rest are folded. I still need to hang the hanging stuff and put the folded things in everyone's room to be put away. Now if I could just teach the twins to put away laundry I could have one of my laundry baskets back for the laundry dance!

I guess I should use this opportunity to go put another load in the washer...Oh wait, is that a baby I hear? Shucks, I guess the laundry will have to wait. You know, I think this is how the laundry dance all started...

Jenn, who is hoping the laundry fairy will bring her a high efficiency washer and dryer

The Difference between Aunt Cathi and Mommy

Remember earlier in the week Charlotte and I talked about bedtimes and she informed me that I stay up late because I'm just getting old? Well, according to Charlotte Aunt Cathi stays up late because she drinks Diet Coke and it has caffeine. So what does that mean? I guess I need to drink more diet coke with caffeine in it!

Ah, three year old logic!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ah, the grocery store...

Yep, its that time again and if you've been reading AND paying attention you'll remember that I was supposed to go on Tuesday this week. Tuesday didn't happen because Rehm was sick and out of school Monday through Wednesday - running a fever only in the evenings but otherwise fine. So it was off to the store today.

Ruby and Eliza ended up on different schedules today because Ruby got up at 6:30 and Eliza at 8:00. So Ruby took a cat nap on the way to the store and Eliza didn't. We get to the store, get the girls in the stroller, get our cart and get in the store. All is well. About a 1/3 of the way through the store Ruby starts wailing. My girls don't cry! What is up with this? So I let her fuss/try to pacify her for a while and keep shopping. At about the halfway point I'm fighting a losing battle and get her out of the stroller. Did I mention that if someone stopped us and talked to her she was fine and smiley and as soon as I picked her up she was fine!

So now I am holding Ruby which leaves one hand free. I need to push the stroller and still pull the cart all with one hand! To do this I had to bend down and push the stroller with the elbow with the arm I'm holding Ruby with and still pull the cart with the other hand. Oh and I need to be able to look at my grocery list and coupons and actually get things in the cart.

Brenda finds me toward the end of my shopping and stops me to ask how much more I have to do. As I'm stopped to tell her (for all of 5 seconds) some rude man comes up and says "Excuse Me!" very rudely. Apparently between the stroller, cart and back pack, I was taking up more than my half of the aisle and he couldn't get by. Honestly, if I had thought for half a second I would have asked him which baby he wanted to hold so I could get out of his way, but alas I was too surprised by his impatience - especially given how nice everyone else seems to be when I'm grocery shopping - to do more than say excuse me and move out of the way.

I left the cart to go get my last few items and before I was finished getting them all Brenda was already unloading the cart for me! I can not begin to express my gratitude for the fabulous employees at My HEB! I would never get grocery shopping done with out them.

Now if I could just figure out how to get all of the groceries put away before 8:00pm!

Off to see what happened on GH today!

PS Hallelujah, Rehm went to school today and stayed all day!