Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wow, Eight Months Already!

Mom, why do we have to sit like this?

Eliza Claire


Playing Together - Yes it usually involves someone getting mauled

Ruby and Eliza Claire turned eight months old a week and a half ago and I am just now getting a minute to write about it! I guess that tells you how crazy things have been. Rehm, Charlotte and Ruby all had a virus that included a fever and runny nose. Charlotte's turned into a sinus infection. Rehm had basketball and t-ball going at the same time. We were all getting ready for my parents to arrive. Plus all the normal stuff.

So what have they done in the last month?

They have both gotten tubes in their ears. I have to say that is the best invention EVER! I made it almost a month without having to visit the pediatrician. Eliza hasn't had a crusty nose and a cough since and Ruby has been sleeping better (but still not without waking a couple of times each night).

Ruby is sitting up great, clapping, waving, army crawling, and on her hands and knees rocking and very made she can't go!

Eliza is sitting up great, waving, babbling up a storm - I think I've heard Mama and Dada, and on her hands and knees rocking but she isn't mad about not getting anywhere.

They are both eating more and more table food. I have yet to offer anything they really don't like. They like their Take and Toss sippy cups the best (we have the 4 oz ones and the 7 oz ones with handles). Meal time of course is extremely messy right now and I'm not really sure how much is making it in their mouths but the Toby thinks she has died and gone to heaven! They both like to steal things off of the other person's tray - for some reason their sister's food just tastes better. I also love our high chairs we are using this time around. We didn't have room for full size high chairs and received these for gifts.

All in all both girls are just the cutest, happiest babies ever.

Happy Day,

PS Don't forget they are getting baptized on Sunday at 9:30.


Sherri said...

Yes they are the cutest babies! Aunt Sherri loves the pictures. Please give kisses for me!

Karen said...

We used those cups and a similar chair with Nathan - next best thing since slice bread in my opinion. ;) The girls are so cute! 8 months - WOW!

Brenna and Molly said...

I'm in love with those little grins and chubby cheeks! Glad to hear all is on the upswing with their ears. I'm sure the tubes will work wonders (seems like you've noticed already)!