Friday, March 16, 2007

New Krispy Kreme Opening in Cedar Park

Cici and Papa took Rehm and Charlotte to Krispy Kreme this afternoon - I'm not really sure why. I think it had something to do with a sweet little five year old conning his Cici into it.

When they came home both kids were sporting Krispy Kreme hats and wanted to make their own donuts complete with a convayder belt (yes I know it is a conveyor belt but Rehm insists on calling it a convayder belt).

To make donuts Rehm drew the donuts on paper. Cici had to cut them out because Rehm says he "can't cut circles." Charlotte is cooking them in the oven of the play kitchen. I somehow got drafted to help cut donuts. Daddy and Papa ate donuts on the couch. Later in the process we told Rehm he had to help with the cutting. Cici remarked on what a good circle cutter he was. Rehm responded with "I was hiding that." His Daddy told him it was alway good to have some extra skills in his back pocket. Rehm's response was, surprisingly, "Huh?"

Donut Cutters

Donut Cooker

Rehm declared that he was the boss. I know that is just shocking.

The Boss

When I asked what we got paid I was informed we got "an extra day to come cut donuts." Upon further questioning, I was told we got "a day of eating donuts." When I asked if I could take a break to get some water my boss informed me there were no breaks. I told him I would report him to OSHA. His response, "Huh? Who?" I explained that OSHA was in charge of workplace safety and that he was not providing a safe working environment if he would not allow breaks.

Charlotte had to go to the restroom. On leaving the restroom, Michael informed her that "all employees must wash their hands before returning to work." Her response, "What you sayed Daddy?"

Employee of the Month

As I write Cici and Rehm are decorating donuts and Charlotte is trying to convince her daddy to buy a donut.

Happy Friday,

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