Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Madness

In addition to a fun time out our friends on Sunday for lunch, we went to the A&M-Missouri basketball game on Saturday. Because, you know, things weren't busy enough with Rehm having a basketball game (his final one...and it conflicted with his first t-ball game!), getting ready for Jennifer's parent's arrival, trying to find new tires for Henry (the Odyssey with the ludicrously priced run-flat tires), getting Charlotte through her turn with the fever virus, and everything else.

So, of course we hopped in Henry and took off for College Station. It was a family affair- not only did my parents go with us, but my oldest brother was in town and went along and Jennifer's parents made a slight detour on the 2nd day of their drive and met us after the game for dinner at Wings 'N More.

It was a family affair at the game, too. Being the last home game, it was Senior Day, and after the game the 6 seniors took turns addressing the crowd- Antanas Kavallauskas said, "I love you" in Lithuanian to his mom (who had flown over and was seeing him play for the 1st time in the US), and he, Acie Law IV and Marlon Pompey had their families come out on the floor with them. They've been a part of a remarkable turnaround- Pompey and Law's freshman year they were 0-16 in the Big XII- this year the team finished 2nd in the conference and has been in the Top 10 most of the year. They displayed tons of perseverance and heart. Granted, Jennifer and Eliza weren't thrilled with the delay in us getting out while the seniors talked- they'd spent the 2nd half walking the concourse since Eliza was not happy missing her nap. Hopefully, they'll forgive the rest of us!

I had a great time watching Acie "Mr. Clutch" Law IV play one last time, Rehm really enjoyed it- especially when the announcer would say, "THREEEEEEEEEE POINTER....JOOOOOOOSH CARTER!!!!", Charlotte made it through- napping on me, her uncle and grandpa, managing to wake up and watch the dance team, and Ruby seemed to be ok with all but the loudest parts.

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Sherri said...

I am jealous that you got to go to the game. I have only made it to 1 UNC game this season, but it was great! Good luck in the tournament.