Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is THAT?

Today has not been a great day. Ruby and Eliza Claire have not wanted to nap today. It seems like every nap was about 20 minutes. Never enough to get their nap out just enough to make them even more fussy. Of course it doesn't help that their schedule is impacted by having to get the older kids where they need to go. Finally around 3:30 everyone was home and Ruby and Eliza Claire were in bed asleep!

I decided to take this opportunity to be a bad mom and put the big kids in front of the TV downstairs while I went upstairs for a little quite time of my own. OK so I was really watching General Hospital and painting my nails (I know that sounds like the SAHM who sits around and eats bon bons. But if I didn't get a few minutes to myself it was not going to be pretty).

After about 30 minutes I thought "I can't believe Charlotte hasn't been up here." You see Charlotte doesn't have a very long attention span for TV. Within five minutes of thinking this I hear screaming and crying. Charlotte sounds hurt!

I rush downstairs. I walk in the family room/kitchen. I find Charlotte on the floor under an open drawer holding a pair of scissors and crying. I also see this on the floor.

I'm trying to figure out what she has done. Obviously she has given herself a hair cut but she is crying and there is a place on her head. Did she fall on the scissors? What has she done? I finally get her to tell me. She was sitting on the floor cutting her hair and stood up. When she stood up she hit her head on the open drawer. That is what made her cry.

Upon investigating her hair she had cut partial bangs (only on one side), cut a few layers (on the other side), and cut a section above her ear to the scalp!

Oh boy! Now what? How do we fix this? We have professional pictures schedule for next Monday! What to do?

I decided to take a stab at fixing it myself knowing I would probably have to get professional help at some point. I cut about two to three inches off the length (hoping the shorter length would disguise the layers on the one side) and fixed her new bangs. Luckily the really short section is under some other hair and I think this fix will work. Unfortunately we now have bangs. I don't like bangs and know what a pain they are to grow out but apparently Charlotte thought they were a good idea.

I asked her why she cut her hair and she told me "I didn't think they would cut." I gather she meant she thought the scissors would only cut paper and not work on hair.

Needless to say this did not improve the crazy, not fun day I was having!

Here are the before and after pics.

Charlotte after she cut her hair

Charlotte after I cut her hair

Note to self: Don't leave Charlotte unattended while watching TV!

Jenn, who won't be getting anymore quite time during the day for a while. I'm just not sure it was worth it!


Mom said...

As I said last week, "payback is not fun". Unfortunately, I cannot see these pictures, maybe later.

I am so glad she did not come home with us and do it in our care!!

BlueEyedMum said...

Why do little girls like to cut their own hair? I gave myself a haircut at 4.

Thankfully hair will regrow...

Brenna and Molly said...

Oh no!! I'll bet you just about cried (because that's what girl mommies do when tragedies involve hair!) But indeed it is just hair and I'm sure she looks adorable nonetheless (I can't see the photos either) Think of this as a good time to experiment with new hair accessories! Bangs aren't too hard to grow out with headbands or barrettes. Put it behind you and I too am glad she wasn't hurt. Give her a h from us, she probably feels awful knowing that you feel awful!

Karen said...

I can see the photos and the after photo looks TERRIFIC! Really I do. The bangs make her blue eyes look even bluer in my opinion. Great job Mom!

Sherri said...

Oh my. I think almost every child does this at some point. At least it happened in your care and you didn't get a phone call from school. Zander had his ear cut almost all the way through at school. I would have rathered that it had been hair. Her hair looks great. You did a nice job.