Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Just a little background to help you understand my bias about the sport in general. I don't personally like baseball. I think they are a bunch of whiny sissies. I mean come on the field has to be raked a certain way! They can't play if there is a drop of rain! They can't have a speck of dirt on a base. Grow up and deal! Is this a sport or not? If you play baseball or just love the sport I apologize but I just don't get it. And did I mention it is boring and goes on, and on, and on, and on?

Rehm had is first T-ball game on Tuesday night. He looked so adorable in his uniform and so grown up! I realized after we got to the game and in the bleachers I was nervous! I was so afraid he would strike out or get out. Luckily he batted like a champ and hit twice and scored twice!

Rehm running to second base after his first hit

I have to confess I have been complaining about how serious the league takes itself. I thought it was ridiculous. I mean they are five year olds! Do we really need to practice two or three times a week? Do we really need to have scrimmages against other teams? Do we really have to have try outs? Did I mention they are FIVE?

But I have to say. I can see the difference in how well the team plays versus how well his basketball and soccer teams have played. There really is something to be said for the extra practice. And furthermore he is having a blast!

Rehm playing second base

Now I'm still not sure if they needed their names on their shirts and hats and if he really needed a bat bag. But I do have to say all those things come in handy too. I can pick him out on the field. I know which kid to root for when they are batting. He doesn't loose his hat. And we get to practice with all the paraphinalia he needs. So I guess I might be able to see it....

I might just decide I like this sport after all.

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Brenna and Molly said...

Go Rehm Go!! I agree with your thoughts on baseball. Isn't it always different when it's your own kid involved though? Enjoy your spring in the bleachers - you know he's happy to have you there!

(BTW - I'm using Fotofusion. Got a trial online and loved it so I ordered a full version and downloaded lots of freebies)