Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Trip to the Ocean

Charlotte Swimming in the Ocean

Charlotte drying off after her swim

After church today, Rehm came downstairs in his new swim trunks and declared that it was Swim Suit Day. Of course a few minutes later Charlotte came down in her swim suit and a cover up.

They both started talking about taking a trip to the ocean. After a few minutes, Rehm got bored and decided to go play computer games, but Charlotte was still talking about her trip to the ocean so I decided I would like to go to the ocean too.

We went the the Northwest Ocean (the master bathroom). The sun was shining bright (the lights were on), there was a breeze (the ceiling fan) and the tide came in (turned on the faucet) just in time for Charlotte to go for a swim (in the tub). I laid on the beach (the floor) and rested while she played in the water. When she was done she laid on her towel to dry off in the sun. Then she built a sand castle and collected sea shells. Charlotte decided to go back in the ocean and found a sea turtle that was going to shore to lay eggs. Then it was time for the tide to go out again (opened the drain) and we had to leave the beach.

We decided to set up our tent and take a rest in our sleeping bags (luckily the tent was my bedroom and the sleeping bag was my bed). I was all tuckered out from our ocean adventure and was able to take a wonderful nap under the stars by the sea.

What a wonderful day at the beach.
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Sherri said...

Didn't you join her? Where is your picture? You are such a creative fun mom. I don't know how you make the time to do stuff like that when there are four of them. I guess it helps having mom and dad there to help to. I wish we could all have a beach day.

Brenna and Molly said...

Brilliant idea Miss Charlotte and it was nice of you to take Mommy on your little vacation as well. I'm sure did you both good to relax together. I enjoyed just reading about it!