Saturday, January 21, 2017

Maybe We Are Doing this Parenting Thing Alright

Here is a Facebook post from Rehm, posted today:

"As I have been reflecting on the inauguration and what was said I saw something in the news that made me grateful to be in this country. It was the fact that in The Gambia, on the same day as the inauguration, a coalition of West African nations invaded. Why? Because the incumbent president who lost an election seen as free and open, had refused to step down. It took an invasion for democracy to work there.
Here we saw the outgoing president have tea with the incoming president. We saw the outgoing president ride with the incoming to the inauguration. We saw them shake hands after the oath of office was given.
We should not discount the peaceful transfer of power we have here in America, because there are a lot of people who can only dream about that happening on their nation."

I had no idea he had written it until I happened upon it in my news feed. He has always loved politics, from the time he was tiny. I guess he gets that from his Dad. I definitely was not aware at his age. 

I'm glad to see that regardless of who is in office he sees how amazing our system is. 

Feeling proud, 

Friday, January 20, 2017

First Impressions

My kids keep telling me I need to get back to blogging.  So here I am.  I do really miss it.

Charlotte is getting a new Language Arts teacher.  Yesterday the new teacher was in the class observing/getting to know the class.

My beautiful, intelligent daughter made an awesome first impression.  She had to ask to leave class to go to the nurse.  Did she have some illness? No.  She had managed to get part of her headphone stuck in her ear!  Somehow, when she pulled our the headphone, part of it stayed in her ear and she could not get it out with her fingers.  She had to go get the nurse to get it out with tweezers.

Of course, Charlotte did not share this story with us until 10:30 last night.  And she didn't start with "I had to go to the nurse to get something removed from my ear."  No, my girl started with "Oh, I need new headphones, mine are broken."  Only then did the rest of the story emerge.  There is never a dull moment with her.  Ever.


Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Fun Reward

Ruby has been working very hard in gymnastics.  She recently got her front hip circle on the bar.  I would tell you what that is but I can't.  I don't know how to describe it.  Anyway, it was a big deal and she was very excited and proud, as she should be.  She asked if we could go to Bahama Bucks as a reward.  I was happy to oblige.

We don't got to Bahama Bucks often but we all enjoy it when we do.  If you aren't familiar with it, they sell snow cones.  I like it because their birthday cake snow cone with chocolate drizzle tastes very similar to snow creme.  Given I live somewhere it never snows, it is awesome to get a taste of snow creme occasionally.

It seems to take a while for the snow cones to be made.  I guess because they have to shave enough ice off of a giant block of ice to make it and even with a machine, it just isn't quick.  Bahama Bucks has several games you can play while you wait for your order and while you are eating.  My family loves this.  We always have the best family time.

This trip we got to play Headbands.  Hilarious!

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Signs Your Daughter is as Softball Player

I was helping Eliza Claire clean up in her room this weekend.  We were cleaning out her closet, getting rid of all her shoes that were too small.  She came to a pair outgrown cleats.  She asked if she could keep them.  She said they had lots of special memories.  They were the cleats from her last year of 8U All Stars and first season of 10U fall ball.  I agreed that she could keep them.

Eliza Claire started to put them back in her closet.  I asked her to hand them too me.  I thought about putting them on her bookcase but then I had a better idea. I tied the laces together and hung them over the rod where a quilt hangs in her room.  She thought that was an awesome place for them.  I remarked that we really should clean them off.  She was emphatic that we were  not going to do that.  

Friday, August 05, 2016

Shoe Shopping Observations

I took the bigs to get their back to school sneakers this week.  Rehm started band camp this week and Charlotte has dance team camp next week.  I always wait until the last minute to do this shopping to make sure their feet are as big as possible, hoping they will be able to wear them a little bit longer before I have to replace them.

This is why I have not taken the littles yet.  I'll take them in about two weeks.  It is driving them crazy that their siblings have gotten new shoes and they have not.  Tough!  Your feet might grow in that two weeks.  And the way Eliza Claire has been growing lately that is a very real possibility

Anyway, it is hilarious how differently my son and daughter shop for shoes.  Each was given a $50 budget.  Anything over that comes out of their own money.  In the time  it took Charlotte and I to run to the restroom and measure her foot, Rehm had picked out shoes.  Not only did he have shoes, he had found a pair of his favorite brand that were originally $90 on sale for $40.  My guess is this is the only pair he even tried on. He asked if he could get some new socks.  Since he was  under budget I said yes.  He grabbed those and was done.  Bam!

Don't you love the "Are you taking a picture? and Why?" look?  Actually, I think he asked both those questions.  Silly boy.  He should know by now that his mother takes pictures of everything.
Charlotte.  Had to look at every shoe in the store.  Try on a half a dozen pairs.  Realize she needed a whole size bigger.  Have a minor melt down because she did not want shoes that size (a 10).  Her brother thought this was completely ridiculous.  Come to terms with her new shoe size.  Try on several more pairs.  Debate a bit.  Pick a pair.  At least they were in her budget.  But she had to buy her socks she decided she needed with her own money.

Yes, she is enjoying the process way more than her brother.  This was pretty early in the process.

By the time we left Rehm was beyond annoyed.  Part of that was because he had to sit around Academy for an extra 30ish minutes and part was because he was exhausted from day 1 of band camp. I keep reminding him these experiences will make him a good husband one day.  Or they will make him decide to never get married.  Either way.  He will know what it is like to live with a girl and know what he's getting himself into.

And once Charlotte had picked out shoes she was bubbly and super talkative and in the best mood ever!  I thought her brother was going to come unglued before we made it home.

Its never boring around here,

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Must Have School Supply if your Children Make INBs During the School Year

First of all I know some of you are wondering what in the world a INB is.  It is an Interactive Notebook.  Many middle school and high school classes use these.  Basically the students use a five subject notebook to paste in all of their handouts and notes and anything they need for the class.

The one problem with INBs is they get huge and take a beating.  It is very important to have a really good five subject notebook.  Otherwise, your kid will spend half the year trying to tape theirs back together.

My kids started using the Mead Five Star Advanced line of 5 subject notebooks when my oldest went to middle school for all their INBs.  These notebooks hold up for the entire year without breaking a sweat.  They are the best notebook ever!  I'm serious.  What makes them so much better than the rest of the spiral notebooks?  Two things, vinyl on the front and  back and a cloth cover over they wire spiral.

Now having said all that, they aren't cheap.  They are typically about $8 each.  And...they can be a bit hard to find.  You have to know where to look at each store for them and be a bit persistent until you find them.  In fact, throughout the year when I happen to be in the office supply section of any box store if I see one of these babies I grab it and stash it for the next school year.

You can find the Mead Five Star Advanced Five Subject Notebooks at Target and Walmart, I know.  Sometimes they are in the special school supply section and sometimes they are over with the regular school and office supplies.  Wherever they are they will have maybe a half a dozen of them if you are lucky and they will be hiding near the rest of the other spiral bound notebooks.  Amazon does have them but they are double the price so don't even bother.  Oh, on the Target website it will tell you if your local store has them and what aisle they are on.  According to the website all of the Targets near us currently have them in stock.

I'm telling you, run, don't walk and buy these precious guys now!  You will be sad if you don't.  I currently have six of them in my stash.  I have no idea how many my kids will need this year, but I'm ready.  And yes, I waited to post this until I had all I needed.  I didn't want there to be a rush on them and not be able to find them. I kid, kindof.


Friday, July 29, 2016

30 Days of Mayhem: Beach Photo Shoot

Here are some of the best pictures from our quick photo shoot while at the beach.  Mom likes to have a picture of all five of the grandkids to hang in her living room and needed a new one.  For 20 or so minutes of our time and a novice photographer (me), I'd say they turned out pretty good.

My Nephew Zander



Photo Credit to Charlotte
My Sister Sherri and Zander

Mom, I have not forgotten that I need to send these to you.  I have not been anywhere to get a flash drive.  Will hopefully do that this weekend.

I think there are two more 30 Days of Mayhem posts (I found pictures of things I haven't posted yet) then I really am done.