Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rehm is Six!

How in the world did that happen? I can not believe my boy is six!

He had a great birthday. He got to have birthday cake for breakfast (a family tradition). He opened his presents from us (a scooter) and from Aunt Tracy, Uncle Steve and Zachary (A moon in my room, video game and propel) before going to school. He really seemed to like them all but his favorite was the video game (electronic pinball). He went to school early that morning so he could spend money his Cici and Papa gave him at the book fair. He bought a dinosaur book and a couple of ocean books. Then he got to have cupcakes with his class. That night he got to choose whether we went out for dinner or had dinner at home and went back to school for the ice cream social. He chose the latter. He had fun getting his face painted and getting a tattoo as well as making his own ice creme Sunday. Of course his father and I ended up buying a few more books a the book fair. You can never have enough books can you?

The next day was the student led conference at his school. Michael and I both attended. Their class was in the cafeteria with each student at a different table. We sat down with Rehm. He explained that he would show us his notebook that had some of his work in it and when he was done he would read us two books. His notebook showed various things they were doing in class and at the end he said, "this one shows I can write sentences." Me, being the bad mother, said "How do I know you can really do that? Show me." He responded that he didn't have anything to write on. I of course produced a sheet of paper and a pen. He wrote "Today is my burfday." So he can write sentences but he is still learning spelling. He did a great job leading his conference and was so proud to have the responsibility. After the conference he convinced me to take him to Krispy Kreme for "a award." He means reward but calls them awards.

Currently Rehm is very into dinosaurs, the ocean, computer games, Cyber Chase and Magic School Bus. He likes to play soccer, t-ball and basketball.

Rehm was very fortunate to receive nine bottles of propel for his birthday from his Cici and Papa and Aunt Tracy. They all think that his parents are being mean by making him buy his own Propel. They will probably all be happy to know that Rehm received and increase in his allowance for his birthday. He now gets $1.50, so he now has $1.05 of disposable income a week. They should also be aware that if his inventory of Propel increases above 10 bottles of propel his parents will start charging him to lease space in the refrigerator. He will of course be allowed to store unopened bottles in his room for free, but if he wants it cold, it will cost him!

Rehm is a complete and total joy and every day I thank God for letting me be his mother.

Happy Birthday Rehm!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Rehm!!! I would've chosen the ice cream social, too. ;)

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Rehm!!! Aunt Sherri misses you. I loved the child led conference.