Monday, April 02, 2007

A Love and Logic Day

If I've said "Oh, bummer!" once today I've said it 100 times. I've tried really hard today to be a love and logic parent instead of a frustrated, yelling parent. And you know what? For the most part is has worked.

I could only help Charlotte if she would be a big girl and use big girl words.

Charlotte could only have her sprite in the car if she left the lid on. Oh, Bummer! I had to throw it away when I was getting gas.

Charlotte could only stay for dance class if she could be a good listener and change her clothes when I ask.

Oh, Bummer! Rehm. You must have room time for screaming in the hallway about not getting to watch Cyber Chase and waking your baby sister. When I told Rehm he could come out of room time he informed me there was one condition to him coming out. He would only come out if he could watch Cyber Chase. I told him that was fine, I hoped he liked being in his room because Cyber Chase was not a choice. After about 2 minutes Rehm decided being out of room time was more important than watching his show.

Oh, bummer! Kids who play in the hose without permission must come in the house now! By the way, they opened the back door dripping wet, both immediately said "Sorry!" When I asked where they got the water, Rehm said "I turned the hose on. I know I wasn't supposed to but it was just too much fun!"

Bath time is over for kids who are screaming (loud enough I can hear you on the other end of the house) in the bath or shower. Oh, Bummer! You didn't get to finish washing or have time to play with toys.

Oh, bummer! Rehm. Boys who fast-forward the show their sister is watching (because you are still mad you don't get to watch Cyber Chase) must have room time until Mommy gets everyone else in bed.

Rehm doesn't know this, but if he would have quit begging to watch Cyber Chase and whining about the fact, I had every intention of letting him watch it while I bathed the twins. Oh, bummer!

It is amazing when I don't yell and when I take the privilege away the first time something happens how much better my kids listen and how much less stress I have. And when there are natural consequences it is even better!

Hopefully tomorrow will have a few less "Oh, bummers!"

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Brenna and Molly said...

Glad to hear someone else has days like that! Just hang in and keep you good perspective. Like you said, "Oh Bummer!" :)