Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here is part of an interesting conversation I had with Rehm last night about lying.

Rehm: Mom have you ever lied as a grown up.

Me: Yeah, Rehm I have. (what else was I going to say? Was I really going to lie to him during this conversation?)

Rehm: Why?

Me: I don't know Rehm. It is never a good idea to lie.

Rehm: Have you ever been to jail?

Me: No hun, I haven't. (OK, now I'm wondering what all of this is about. This is a strange conversation.)

Rehm: My teacher says that if you lie as a grown up they send you to jail. Why didn't they take you to jail?

Me: Are you sure she said that about lying? She might have said that about stealing because you can go to jail for stealing as a grown up. But you should never lie. It makes God very sad when you do. Did you lie to your teacher about something? Is that why she told you this?

Rehm: No she was telling the whole class.

I emailed the teacher and apparently they had a classmate get sent to the office for stealing and lying about it. So the teacher had a talk with the class about why neither was a good idea and stealing could lead to going to jail as a grown up. She had a good laugh at the above conversation.

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