Friday, April 06, 2007


Lael and Rehm Easter 2002

Rehm and Lael Dancing together at Mo Ranch

While helping Michael get all the kids ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's today Rehm started asking questions about marriage.

Rehm: Can you marry a sister?

Me: No hun, you can't?

Rehm: Why not?

Me: Because you need to marry someone that is not already part of our family.

Rehm: What if you get a divorce then can you marry a sister?

Me: No hun, you can never marry a sister. you have to marry someone from outside our family.

Rehm: Like Lael?

Me: Yes, like Lael. She is not part of our family. (Technically Lael is not family but she should be as she and Rehm act more like brother and sister than friends. But that is because our families spend quite a bit of time together and have since Lael and Rehm were born. )

Rehm: Charlotte, you will need to marry some boy that is not in our family.

Michael: Yes Charlotte, some boy that is very nice to you.

Rehm: Charlotte you will need to go a couple of dates with him first to make sure he is nice.

Michael: You'll need to have some dates first too Rehm.

Rehm: Not with Lael. I already know her well enough!

Now I'm not really sure what Rehm knows about divorce, dates or marriage but hopefully in the next 20 years or so we will get this all ironed out.



Mom said...

I remember Rehm having those clothes, but do not remember him looking like that.

Did you tell him that some people go from "not dating" straight to getting married!

Sherri said...

Aunt Sherri seems to remember a situation sort of like that also! :)