Sunday, April 08, 2007

We have Babies!

Birds that is! Rehm got the coolest bird house for Christmas (thanks Aunt Sherri). The bird house sticks to the window and the side that is against the window is made out of plexiglass. That way you can see inside the bird house from inside your house! We put it at the kitchen window.

We were very excited when a little over a month ago a bird made a nest! The bird has been spending a lot of time in the nest but the way it is built you can't see what is inside. In fact, most of the time all you can see is the bird's beak sticking up above the twigs.

Well today I checked on the bird and saw two little tiny bird mouths open up! We have two cute little baby birds! Now cross your fingers that we don't accidentally scare the babies and make them fall out of their nest.

Proud Mom!

PS I don't have pictures as I don't want to scare them!


Sherri said...

i am so jealous, we only have a family of wasps in our.

Karen said...

That sounds so neat! Where did she get them?

Sherri said...

Karen - I purchased them at Kaplans here in NC. I think you can get them on their website -