Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baby Bird Update

Window Bird House

I realized Monday that we actually have five baby birds! I feel sorry for the mommy bird. She sure does have her hands full and it appears she doesn't have any help from the daddy bird. I'm glad I'm not a bird! I don't think I could take care of five babies all by myself!

Four of the Five Baby Birds (the orange things are the mouths)

The bird family appears to be doing well and our family is really enjoying watching them. I feel a little sorry for the mommy bird as we seem to freak her out any time we open the veiwing window. She seems to think we are trying to get her babies. She has a whole little ritual she does. She flies out of the house. Flies above and below the house, to both sides of the house and then goes to sit on the fence. From the fence she makes a lot of noise and generally tells me off. If I don't go away, she repeats this process. And of course anytime we open our viewing window the babies all think they are going to get fed and start chirping and opening their mouths.

Mommy Bird

Yeah, I know I said wasn't going to take pictures, but I changed my mind. Have I mentioned how much I like the new camera? I thought my old one took good pictures! I just can't believe how sharp the images are! I LOVE this camera. Now to just have the time to read the manual and figure out all the bells and whistles.

Happy Bird Watching,

PS If anyone has any ideas on what type of bird this is I would love to hear them. I'm bird illiterate and just know it is a small bird.


Jenn said...

OK so I spoke too soon about the involvement of Daddy bird! I saw him and Mommy Bird this morning. Both were feeding the babies. So I guess she does have help after all.

I can't believe how much bigger the babies look today. They've grown enough that I can now see some of their bodies when they pop up to eat not just mouths.

Mom said...

check this link...your Daddy thinks it is a house wren