Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh, Tooth Fairy!!!!

I just got a call from the school nurse. Rehm lost his first tooth when he bit into his peanut butter and Jelly bagel at lunch!

It has been loose for a few weeks but got really wiggly yesterday. He couldn't go to sleep last night because he was so excited about the impending tooth loss.

He has decided he would like to keep his teeth when he loses them and is going to write a letter to the tooth fairy asking her to leave it. I've assured him she will be fine with that as she let me keep my teeth when I was little. I've been asked to find mine so Rehm can see all of them. Now where did I put them? Are they in the closet or the dresser?

Here is Rehm's letter to the tooth fairy. He did it completely by himself, which I think will be evident. Don't worry I'll translate.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Can I keep my teeth? I will put them under my pillow. Keep my teeth under my pillow. Love, Rehm.

Rehm has asked lots of questions about the Tooth Fairy today. How does she know when you lose a tooth? When does she come? Is she big or really little? Where does she live? Is she really going to let me keep my tooth? Where will she leave my money? My answer to all of these has been "I don't know."

I hope the tooth fairy has some cash on hand! Thanks to our friends the Weatherbys she needs to find $5.

PS Rehm woke me at 2:30 am to let me know the Tooth Fairy brought him "FIVE dollars!"

Editor's Note: Rehm lost his tooth Tuesday, April 24, 2007. I was not allowed to post this until his dad returned from Singapore as he wanted to surprise him with the lost tooth.


Mom said...

Rehm, it sounds like the tooth fairy thought you were a special boy. She left you lots of money!! I am glad she let you keep your tooth.

You look really handsome!
Love, Cici

Karen said...

Goodness, we've left only a quarter for each of Adam's teeth. I'll make sure that Adam doesn't read this particular entry. LOL!

Also, your entry reminded me of a story at The title is "Daddy, Are You the Tooth Fairy?" and it's read by the author Jason Alexander. It's a very sweet story.

Shelly said...

Wow, $5! I'm not letting Cameron or Brenna read this either. Our tooth fairy was feeling very generous when she left a gold coin (Sacagawea) or a Susan B. Anthony (with a history lesson attached) for a tooth. (Brenna might get special Presidential coins if I ever see them.)

As for all the questions - there are LOTS of tooth fairy books in the library, including "Dear Tooth Fairy" by Jane O'Connor, "Mrs. Watson wants your teeth" by Alison McGhee, and "Mabel the Tooth Fairy and how she got her job" by Katie Davis. (And who doesn't love Junie B. Toothless Wonder!)

Jenn said...

To clarify, around here the going rate seems to be $5 for the first tooth and $1 for each additional tooth. We have friends who decided to do $5 for each tooth. We haven't decided what the tooth fairy will do for additional teeth yet.

Sherri said...

Rehm looks adorable with his new toothless look. I still have mine, if you can't find yours.