Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ten Months! Already?

Yep! Another month birthday! Has it really been a month? I guess it has.

Ruby and Eliza Claire continue to be the funniest, sweetest girls. It still seems a bit surreal that there are really two babies in our house! I'm still just not sure how that happened but I'm so glad it did. I love my girls and they are such a joy!

So what are they up to?

Ruby is crawling all over the place and in to everything. She is still army crawling. She can pull up but doesn't often. She can climb up on step or over a stool. And I've found her stuck on the bottom shelf of the end table. She is constantly smiling. She is very animated and seems to only stop moving when she is sleeping. She squeals and laughs and babbles all the time. She has decided she really doesn't have time for a bottle and has cut out one to two of her four bottles.

Eliza Claire is crawling backwards. She gets stuck and then gets mad. She also only army crawls. She hasn't pulled up yet but loves to stand when put in standing position. She has a hard time getting from sitting to laying down without bonking her head. She is ready to move more but so far her body isn't cooperating. She is a very smiley, happy, babbley baby. She is more an observer than her sitter and likes to sit back and take it all in. She is also cutting out a bottle or two. She has decided she likes whole milk in a sippy instead.

Oy, only two months to figure out the birthday celebration. Ideas anyone?

PS Click here for more pictures from today's photo shoot.

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Sherri said...

Thank God for digital cameras.I am so glad that I am getting to see the children grow up! What beautiful girls you have.