Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is it Chistmas?

Last Tuesday, sometime between grocery shopping and Rehm's T-ball game my digital camera broke. OK so the zoom stopped working, but in my world that makes the camera pretty useless. I spent Wednesday on the search for the perfect camera to replace my faithful six year old Canon Power Shot Digital Elph S100.

After searching many web sites, reading many reviews, and visiting Best Buy, I ordered a Canon Power Shot Digital Elph SD900 Titanium from Amazon. It finally arrived in the mail yesterday. Of course then I had to wait for the battery to charge. And of course it didn't get done before we had to leave to meet Michael to shop for cell phones (more on that in a moment). After cell phone shopping and dinner I had to go lead support group. So it was 9:00 pm before I got to play with my new camera! Man was that hard to wait seven hours after it arrived to get to see how it performs! Why can't they send them with the batteries already charged? Wasn't the wait for it to arrive enough? I wanted to play when I opened the box!

So the camera is really great. The few pictures I've taken so far are good and it has so many features, I'll never use them all. The coolest one I've found so far it lets you pick one color in your picture to show and shoots the picture in black, white and that one color. It has settings from full auto to kids and pets, to aquarium, to fireworks to full manual and lots of others too! I'm really excited about tonight's t-ball game to see what kind of pictures I can get. Did I mention the casing is titanium? So it should hold up well and it has 10 megapixels - more than I'm sure I'll ever need and five times more than I'm used to!

So I got a new camera yesterday AND we got new cell phones. Is it Christmas and someone didn't tell us?

Actually we got new phones because ours were both really beat up and as of yesterday we had had them long enough to get a good deal on new ones. So Michael researched phones online at Cingular and then we went to the Cingular store to make our purchase. We were very disappointed. The customer service was mediocre at best, the prices were significantly higher than online and the wait was way too long. So we left the store without phones. We came home and ordered them online.

My Current Phone

Michael had decided he wanted the Motorazr V3 xx. I really wanted a chartreuse colored phone but never found one that came in that color and otherwise I was ambivalent. So we decided to both get the Motorazr V3xx. We have found that having the same phone eliminates the phone envy and also helps when we need to use each other's phone. By ordering online we saved at least $100! We almost didn't order phones since both of ours were still working. But then I reminded Michael if we waited until one was dead we would have to buy from the retail store (so as not to wait a week for the phone) and after our experience tonight and the price differences we did not want to do that.

So now I'm anxiously awaiting the Fed Ex truck again! Our new phones should arrive sometime late this week or early next week. I'm sure there will be a review to follow.


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Karen said...

By the looks of your phone, you certainly needed a new one. I had to laugh about your camera. I was the same way when my Palm Z22 arrived. I was frustrated because I couldn't "play" with it until it was charged up - three hours later.