Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We've Graduated!

Today was grocery day. Which of course means I must write about how much I love my HEB yet again. Do I sound like a commercial? I should! I still need to make mine to submit for the sweepstakes, but I seem to never find the time. I still haven't decided what visual aids would make the commercial the most memorable so I keep not filming it. Ah, I digress.

Today was grocery day. When Eliza Claire and Ruby woke up from their naps (in the van - they fell asleep on the way to take Charlotte to school, so after dropping her off I let them sleep and hung out in the van) I decided to try the big cart today instead of pushing the stroller and pulling the cart. I figured why not? The worst that would happen is they wouldn't like it and I would not try again for a month or so. Overall the girls did great.

Brenda spotted us coming across the parking lot and came over to help me get the girls in the cart. I'm sure I was a sight walking across the lot carrying both babies with a huge backpack to boot. The fun part was trying to get my keys out of my pocket while holding them both to lock the van doors. Anyway, Brenda helped get everyone strapped in the cart. Getting to the cart and getting everyone strapped in was the hardest part of the excursion. And I'm sure the funniest for any observers.

The girls seemed to like the cart but did manage to swipe each other's sippy cup a few times and get fussy a few times. Ruby was quickly mollified when I let her hold a bag of shredded cheese. I think she liked the sound the bag made.

Brenda of course helped me unload the cart and Billy was thrilled to get to help us out! Everyone is so nice to the girls and so happy to help it always makes me leave feeling good. And wow, I know the employees by name! And they know what day I come in and look for me! Brenda stopped me last week to make sure everyone was OK because she hadn't seen me in a few weeks and had been looking for me! How great is that!

I did notice that we seemed to get stopped less today with the girls in the cart. I guess we are a little less conspicuous this way.

Happy Grocery Day

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Sherri said...

The girls look so big in the pictures. I can't wait to see them.