Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

OK so it didn't really start out as a very Happy Easter at our house (for the adults at least). The adults were sleepy and not ready to get moving this morning. The kids on the other hand were raring to go!

The kids were thrilled to wake up this morning to see what the Easter Bunny left for them. Charlotte was thrilled to learn that the Easter Bunny shops at HEB! He brought both Rehm and Charlotte glue sticks that were the HEBuddy brand! She was really impressed! The Easter Bunny brought books, craft supplies and few pieces of candy for each child - OK the twins didn't get any candy or craft supplies, but they did get books and bibs.

Ice on the slide in the backyard
Church was an adventure as it was in the 30s when we left the house this morning. There was no wearing their cute summery Easter outfits so everyone was in winter clothes. It seemed more like Christmas than Easter and might have actually been colder than many of the Christmases we've had here. So what is all this talk about global warming? I'm just not seeing it.

We got to church in time for the 9:45 service. And amazingly didn't have to park in shuttle parking! After church we came back to our house for our traditional Easter lunch of Fajitas. Yes our family has some strange traditions. What can I say we like being a little different.

Blessedly I was able to get a nice nap this afternoon which made me a much better mommy and wife. And we were able to shoot our HEB commercial this evening. Now if Michael can figure out how to get the video uploaded to the HEB site everyone might be able to view it. Watch for updates.

Happy Easter to all! I hope you were nicer to your spouses today than I was!

PS check out all the easter pictures here.


Mom said...

Charlotte looks like a different child with the short hair. I really like it, but don't think she looks nearly as much like you now.

Think Rehm inherited two things from of dessert and goofy faces in pictures!!

Glad that 5 years later the basket is back in the pictures!!

Congratulations on the new "babies".

Sherri said...

I love the basket pictures as well. It makes me think of when Rehm was born. Charlotte's hair looks great.