Sunday, February 18, 2007


Rehm loves Propel. He loves it so much that he begs us to but it at the store - begging is not a good tactic in our house. We of course would rather he drink milk or water and are not willing to provide it for him to drink all the time. That being the case we buy it and then charge him for every bottle he gets. We sell it to him at our cost so we aren't making money on the deal - he pays $0.65 a bottle. Now to truly understand how much he loves it (or how mean we are) you must know that Rehm gets $1.00 every week for allowance. Of that $1.00, $0.20 must go to savings and $0.10 must go to charity. That leaves him $0.70 a week of discretionary income.

This week was our turn to buy snack for the basketball team. So knowing Rehm's love for Propel I bought it and goldfish for their snack. We ended up with 3 extra bottles of Propel. Today he came downstairs to buy a bottle and I told him that since we had bought it for snack I was willing to let him have some for free and poured some in a cup. A few hours later, after playing outside, we came in and I proceeded to pour part of a bottle in a cup for him and gave Charlotte some from the same bottle. Rehm came unglued! He told us "Daddy wouldn't let me buy it but I wanted my own bottle." I explained that we had free Propel right now and I was not going to charge him for it and give it to Charlotte for free - that wasn't fair. And as long as we were having free Propel we would be sharing. He ran upstairs hysterical and came back with money again to buy a bottle and I told him that until the free stuff was gone he couldn't buy it. He was so mad! He kept walking around with his dollar. He still thinks that we are being completely unfair because we won't take his money. His father finally got him to calm down when he told him he could start buying it again on Thursday after we went to the store and bought more.

Hope you had a great weekend!

PS I added pictures to the photo album. Go take a look.

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