Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you. I hope everyone spent this day with someone they love. I spent at least parts of it with 5 someones I love!

Charlotte had her school party yesterday as she doesn't go to school on Wednesdays. She came home with a bag full of goodies. She loved looking at all the cards. When Rehm got home she shared her goodies with him and he probably ended up with at least 40% of her treats. Today Rehm came home from his school party with a bag of treats and didn't share anything. I reminded him that he should think back to yesterday and how nicely and willingly his sister had shared with him when he didn't have anything to share with her. His response, "In the Bible God says it is wrong to expect a reward for doing a good thing." What do you say to that? Ah sibling love.

Go give someone you love a squeeze

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