Friday, February 09, 2007

But Papa Does It!

Charlotte has been playing with a tape measure all day. After Rehm got home from school they were in the living room measuring each other. I heard Charlotte say, "Hold on Rehm I need to go get a pencil to make a mark on the wall." I reminded her that we don't mark on the walls, as she had made big circles on the wall in the family room earlier in the week - obviously the consequences were not sufficient. Her reply to me, you guessed it "But Papa does it!" So I took the oppurtunity to explain that if he chooses to mark on the walls in his house to record their height that is OK, but we do not EVER mark on the walls of our house. Luckily she listened THIS time.

Happy Weekend.


Brenna and Molly said...

What happy grins on those cuties!

Sounds like you have to hide pencils in your house too. We've only has a handful of mishaps since the girls came along but the front door sported some purple crayon for a bit because of one mishap. Tell Miss Charlotte she has our complements for being a good listener!

Mom said...

Great picture of the girls, not so good of PaPa. Of course he loved it!

Sherri said...

Good for Charlotte. It could be worse! Zander likes permanant markers. I don't know where he finds them, but he always does. This week we have orange sharpie on his white nightstand. Guess we will be repainting soon.