Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Grocery Store Revisited

Yep, it's Thursday and that means grocery shopping. But this week's grocery store story actually starts last week. You see, after my last grocery shopping entry someone in my life decided that the grocery store I use should be aware of how much their customer service helps me. This person decided to email my story to the grocery store chain. Any guesses on who might do this?

If you guessed my mother, you would be correct! Luckily, she did tell me that she had sent the grocery store my story so I was a little prepared. And for those of you who want to know where I'm shopping that has such great customer service, it is HEB. And they have great prices too!

Shopping today was actually uneventful. I put the girls in the stroller and pulled the cart behind me. This is actually starting to get easy - I guess it is all the practice. Eliza Claire even took a nap while we shopped. Of course there was the usual stopping to answer questions about the girls but otherwise shopping was quick. I didn't see Brenda until I was almost done shopping and she as always helped me unload the cart then disappeared which was surprising. But she came back and had several sheets of paper in her hand. You guessed it, it was my story from last week. I guess the corporate office had sent it to the store. She had come over to thank me! Of course then I had to explain that I didn't send it but that my mother did! So then I'm sure she's wondering why I didn't? Anyway, I thanked her again for everything the store employees do to make my shopping easier. It was all a little surreal.

There is actually a reason why I haven't formally let the store know how much I appreciate their customer service. You see, they are currently doing a contest called MY HEB. Where you send them a commercial about why you love HEB. Yep, I have a commercial in the works to send and I'm hoping my story is good enough to win something. Cross your fingers for us to actually find the time to get it entered before the contest ends. If your wondering when I'm going to have the time to do the commercial your guess is as good as mine...

So here are the two things you should learn from my experience. If you write things in an open forum there is no telling where they will end up. And if your the one responsible for them ending up other places, you should expect to get written about! Love you Mom!

Grocery store trivia: The girls eat about 30 jars of baby food a week! And we haven't even started feeding them solids for breakfast! I think it is time to introduce table food.

In other happenings today, Rehm decided he loved his sister today and shared his Valentine's Day candy. He even did so without any adult intervention. And he shared more than one piece! Ruby and Eliza Claire seem to be back to their normal selves and are recovered from getting their tubes. Charlotte is well, Charlotte.

Happy shopping,

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