Friday, February 09, 2007

Trips to the Grocery Store

Today I need to brag on my grocery store! The last several weeks I've actually managed to go to the grocery store with only the twins in tow. While it is easier with just two it is still a logistical nightmare. Where do I put the twins? Do I put them in the stroller? Do I dare try them in the cart? ect.

About two weeks ago, I decided to put them in the stroller and pull the cart behind me. This seems to be the best solution. About halfway through the store I'm trying to find frozen mashed potatoes when two employees walk by and ask if I need anything. I say, "Well actually I need two things. What aisle are the french fried onions on and do you have frozen mashed potatoes?" They start to tell me where the onions are on but then look at my cart and stroller and offer to get them for me. I agree. The other goes to find the frozen foods manager to find out about the mashed potatoes. At one point there are five store employees standing around me! They could not find the frozen mashed potatoes but offered several other options. I declined and started on my way. They offered to have someone push the cart through the rest of the store for me to make my shopping easier. I declined but what great customer service! Then about two aisles later the frozen food manager tracked me down because he had found the frozen mashed potatoes and wanted to make sure I got them.

This week, I decided to put one baby in the Baby Bjorn and the other in the cart. I thought this might be easier than doing the push/pull routine - I found out it isn't! As soon as I got in the store one of the baggers, Brenda, came up and asked if I needed any help. I told her I didn't and proceeded to the rest room to realize I couldn't get in with the cart and couldn't go to the rest room holding one baby and wearing the other. Brenda offered to watch Eliza while I used the rest room. I had a moment of, can I really leave my baby with this lady? But then I realized that I had to go and would never make it through the grocery shopping with out it. So I was quick.

Then we shopped and the girls did great for the first half of the store. Then they got fussy. I switched who was in the cart and who was in the Baby Bjorn. This involved laying a baby on the ground for a minute. Not my favorite thing to do in the middle of the grocery store but it was the only way to make the switch. I made it to the Valentine's Day aisle before both were crying. Brenda came to find me to see if we were OK or needed any help. She did a price check for me and then pushed the cart to the check out so I could hold Ruby and have Eliza in the Bjorn. Then she unloaded all the groceries for me. This is when I realized I couldn't reach my wallet because, well, both hands were full. Brenda was nice enough to get it out of the back pack for me. Then offered more help but I assured her from here I had it under control.

What continues to amaze me is just how helpful everyone is. Most places I go it seems I'm more likely to get the "can't you come without the kids" look than offers of help. But at my grocery store they would happily walk through the entire store with me just to make my shopping trip easier! And to top it off they have really good prices too!

Hope you have a blessed day


Brenna and Molly said...

Your grocery store stories crack me up! It's nice to hear that the employees are so good to you. I'm sure that makes the outings easier.


Karen said...

Wow, that could be a commercial! LOL! I'm glad they were able to help you. :)