Saturday, February 03, 2007

I love you!

When buckling Charlotte in the car today after lunch I said "I love you Charlotte." Which I followed up with, "I love you Rehm. I love you Eliza. I love you Ruby. I love you too Daddy." Michael was nice enough to say "I love you" back. To which I said, "I'm glad somebody loves me!" This started a fit of giggles for the older kids followed by a round of "I love you's" that would have made the Walton's Proud.

I realized that as crazy and hectic as life is right now, especially with 3 of the kids sick, I love my wacky, crazy family! And I love that as crazy and hectic as it is we still manage to have fun and laugh as a family!

Make sure you tell someone you love them today!


Mom said...

I LOVE YOU, Jennifer...I choose you for my person for today!

Who is the 3rd sick child?

MMaham said...

Eliza had a fever yesterday afternoon, but seems to be fine today. So who knows what is going on.