Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What About the Adults?

I realize that all the updates seems to be about the kids so I thought today I'd give you a glimpse of some funny conversations between Michael and I.

Most nights at dinner time I end up feeding the girls while everyone else eats and then rushing to eat my dinner before bath time. One night this week I was complaining about how my dinner would probably have been really good if it were hot. I had about two bites left of the dish. Michael was very quick to ask, "Do you want me to heat it up?" To which I responded "Can I not just complain about something without you trying to fix it?" His response, "No!"

The same evening I come upstairs to find the laundry I had been folding on our bed earlier in the day in the basket at the end of the bed. I knew Michael had not been upstairs more than a minute or two and that I had not finished folding the clothes when some other task became more important. This is what took place next.

Jennifer: Did you put the folded laundry back in the basket on top of the the stuff that was still unfolded?

Michael: There really is no good way to answer that is there?

Jennifer: No!

Michael: Well, I was trying to clear off your side of the bed for you! That's gotta count for something!

Yes, these are the typical exchanges we have. Yes, we usually find humor in them. Yes, we really do like each other. Yes, it is obvious we have been married almost 10 years! And, yes I'm am very blessed to have a wonderful husband who is always trying to make life a little easier for me.

In case you are wondering the picture is our self portrait from our honeymoon in Coralla, NC .

Go Heels


Brenna and Molly said...

I'll bet some days just carving out time to talk is a miracle in itself!

Great picture by the way! Dean and I went to a wedidng in Coralla a few years ago in a little chapel right near the lighthouse. Gorgeous!!

Karen said...

That is the neatest photo! Great idea for a blog entry. :)