Wednesday, February 21, 2007


OK so how many of you noticed the wonderful little ad on the right side of the page about door-to-door advertising? Kind of ironic isn't it? I'm complaining about how much I dislike the practice and my husband turns on the advertising features of the blog and low and behold you can find out just how to put the door-to-door advertisers to work for you!

I won't even get into his need to try to make money from our wonderful friends and family by hoping you are going to actually click on one of the ads that appear. Maybe he is really a closet door-to-door advertiser! That is troublesome. I don't like advertisers and now he is one! Hmmm. What does it all mean? I guess I'll have to think on it for a while...

Off to make a grocery list - yep tomorrow is my weekly grocery store adventure! Woohoo!

PS In case you are wondering we definitely, have one aquasaur and a bunch of fairy shrimp. Now to see who will survive.

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