Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is that a Toe I See?

Mid morning I picked Ruby up to do a quick diaper change and felt something cold on my arm. I looked down to see a little baby toe sticking out of the foot of her sleeper! You see, Ruby LOVES the walker and has figured out how to get around in it. So this morning she did enough movin' and groovin to wear a whole in her sleeper.

Later today I noticed that my little wiggle worm (AKA Ruby) was getting her tummy off the ground! She is not completely up on her knees but give her about a week and I'm afraid I'm going to have a crawler. She has already figured out how to roll where she wants to go. I'm not ready for crawling babies.

Charlotte and Rehm were both home from school today due to illness. Both went to the doctor. Rehm has Viral Tonsillitis and Charlotte has a sinus infection. When we got home from the doctor they both took naps! Neither has done that in a long time. The staff at the doctor's office was shocked to see me there because of the older kids, it seems lately every appointment has been for the little two. They laugh every time I show up because I'm there so frequently - at least once a week right now.

Ruby saw the ENT yesterday and will be getting ear tubes on February 13. Eliza sees the ENT next Wednesday and will hopefully also be getting tubes that day. Then maybe I can go longer than a week without seeing the pediatrician.

Here are pictures of my girly girls in their new hats courtesy of Cici (that's my Mom). Are the not just the cutest hats? Rehm saw them and asked "Why didn't Cici send me a fancy hat?" Who would like to take on explaining to Rehm that he would look like a girl in one of these? When he talked to Cici later in the day he asked her to make him a purple or green hat. At Christmas she made all 5 of her grandchildren "sleeping" hats because Rehm had asked for one in the fall. It is so wonderful to have grandparents who are so handy and loving around.

Off to clean the pig sty I so lovingly refer to as the kitchen. What is it about dishes and laundry - they never seem to go away!



Mom said...

Oops...PaPa and I cannot tell which girl is which with the hats on!!

MMaham said...

Eliza is on the left and Ruby is on the right.

Brenna and Molly said...

Get well soon gang! Here's hoping their new warm hats help keep them warm and healthy. You need a break from the pediatrician! Of course you'll now need to use that break to get the gates out and the rest of the babyproofing done. I can't wait for pics of those little ladies scooting around the floor!


Mom said...

Thought I had it figured out this morning, glad to know I was right!