Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ah, the grocery store...

Yep, its that time again and if you've been reading AND paying attention you'll remember that I was supposed to go on Tuesday this week. Tuesday didn't happen because Rehm was sick and out of school Monday through Wednesday - running a fever only in the evenings but otherwise fine. So it was off to the store today.

Ruby and Eliza ended up on different schedules today because Ruby got up at 6:30 and Eliza at 8:00. So Ruby took a cat nap on the way to the store and Eliza didn't. We get to the store, get the girls in the stroller, get our cart and get in the store. All is well. About a 1/3 of the way through the store Ruby starts wailing. My girls don't cry! What is up with this? So I let her fuss/try to pacify her for a while and keep shopping. At about the halfway point I'm fighting a losing battle and get her out of the stroller. Did I mention that if someone stopped us and talked to her she was fine and smiley and as soon as I picked her up she was fine!

So now I am holding Ruby which leaves one hand free. I need to push the stroller and still pull the cart all with one hand! To do this I had to bend down and push the stroller with the elbow with the arm I'm holding Ruby with and still pull the cart with the other hand. Oh and I need to be able to look at my grocery list and coupons and actually get things in the cart.

Brenda finds me toward the end of my shopping and stops me to ask how much more I have to do. As I'm stopped to tell her (for all of 5 seconds) some rude man comes up and says "Excuse Me!" very rudely. Apparently between the stroller, cart and back pack, I was taking up more than my half of the aisle and he couldn't get by. Honestly, if I had thought for half a second I would have asked him which baby he wanted to hold so I could get out of his way, but alas I was too surprised by his impatience - especially given how nice everyone else seems to be when I'm grocery shopping - to do more than say excuse me and move out of the way.

I left the cart to go get my last few items and before I was finished getting them all Brenda was already unloading the cart for me! I can not begin to express my gratitude for the fabulous employees at My HEB! I would never get grocery shopping done with out them.

Now if I could just figure out how to get all of the groceries put away before 8:00pm!

Off to see what happened on GH today!

PS Hallelujah, Rehm went to school today and stayed all day!

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Sherri said...

Did you cry as much as I did when Alan died? How could they kill a Quartermain?