Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Charlotte

Yes, I know her birthday is in September and yes, I know it is is now October. I was waiting until after her birthday party to post about all the festivities at once - OK I've just been really busy and that was my excuse for not getting a birthday post up the day after her birthday. But it was a good excuse. Her party was 11 days after her birthday because she kept changing her mind about what kind of party she wanted to have. By the time her father got her to make a decision that was the best we could do.

I can not believe my wonderful, sweet, opinionated, expressive, empathetic, strong willed, dramatic, smart, loud, silly, absolutely perfect girl is five! How did that happen? She is an amazing girl and I am so glad I get to be her mother. She truly is a blessing to our family.

She went to her well visit and weighed 51 pounds and was 45 inches tall. Her brother at five was 47 inches and 47 pounds. She is in the 90th percentile for both. She had to get two shots at her check up and she didn't cry at all. I was surprised given how dramatic she can be. But her little sisters got their flu shots before her and they didn't cry. I think that gave her motivation not to, as well.

Charlotte loves to play dress up and with dolls. She has really gotten into "mommying" her dolls these days. She loves to change their clothes and put them down for naps or feed them. She is a good mommy most of the time. She also loves playing with her little sisters. She loves to get to be the big kid and decide what they will play and make the rules (I wonder who she got that from?).

Charlotte's new favorite color is purple. Apparently pink is not cool enough for five year olds.

Her favorite food is pigs in a blanket

Her favorite TV show is Signing Time.

Her favorite book is Little House on the Prairie early chapter books.

Her favorite CD is Party Like a Preschooler and her favorite song on it is the ABC song

Her favorite movie is Cheetah Girls One World.

Her favorite Disney character is Sleeping Beauty.

Her favorite doll is Caroline and her favorite stuffed animal is Lisa Bunny

She is loving school and is definitely left handed.

For her birthday party she decided on Pump it Up. She has begged for a party there since she went to a friends party that "rocked her head off!" I'm not sure what that means but apparently it is a good thing. She had a great time at her party! It was perfect!

She was very specific about what she wanted on her cake this year. Her exact instructions were, "I want it to have flowers and swirls and be pink, purple and orange." Remembering the tears and argument I had with my own mother when picking out my birthday cake when I was five, I said, "that sounds perfect!" Here is the result. It looks better than I thought it would and it tasted great.
Yes I know this is sideways, I've tried to fix it three times and it keeps coming up sideways. So I give up. You get the idea!

Happy birthday sweet girl! Your mommy loves you!


PS. When I was five I got to have my first birthday party with friends, not just family. My mom took me to Food World to buy a cake. She told me I could pick it out. I was so excited. When we got there she asked what I wanted. I said I wanted a white cake with white frosting and blue flowers, as blue was my favorite color. She told me I could not have blue flowers as food was not supposed to be blue. She tried to get me to pick another color for the flowers. I cried big tears and told her, "but you said I could pick it out! I really want blue flowers!" In the end she acquiesced and I had my perfect cake! I still remember cutting into that cake and just how yummy it was. I don't think Mom even remembers this incident but it left a big impression on me;)

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Cici said...

I do remember the blue cake, but I was hoping that you would let it go!!

Charlotte, I am so glad to have a big 5-year old granddaughter!

Love you.