Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thank you, Cici!

Cici was kind enough to buy new robes for all of the kids. They arrived today and everyone was very excited.

Cici this is for you!

If you watched the video and heard the "thunk" at the end, that was Charlotte knocking over my drink and thus the reason the video ending without Eliza Claire ever saying thank you where you could hear it. I was not happy. But was glad when I replayed the video that I got the camera turned off before my unhappiness was caught for everyone's pleasure.

Here are some pictures as well. I'm too tired to decide which ones to actually post so you'll just have to look at them all :) Enjoy


Cici said...

You kids are welcome!

Rehm, is that the Pirate Robe Dance?? You look very handsome in it.

Charlotte, Ruby and Eliza, you look very beautiful in your purple robes.

Hope you enjoy them.

Cathi_in_TX said...

There are a couple of pictures where Eliza looks like Brooke!!
What do they need robes for? Does it get cold enough for them in Texas? Just kidding of course. We had to turn on the heat today!