Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Friday Night Lights

Here's Charlotte and Daddy at the Cedar Park HS vs Pflugerville football game. We all had a great time watching the players, band and cheerleaders (Charlotte's favorite part). Due to bedtime, we left with the Timberwolves behind and missed their last second comeback to stay undefeated. Here's the story on the game from the Statesman.
Oh, and NBC was there filming footage for the Friday Night Lights tv show, Posted by Picasa


Shelly said...

Hey, a post!!!
Sounds like you all had fun, even though you had to leave early. That's cool about the game being filmed for FNL!

How is the family! I've missed your updates!

Brenna and Molly said...

You are getting awfully big Miss Charlotte! We got a nice photo of your sisters in th mail - Thank you! Tell Mommy to keep posting all the fun things you guys are up to. Hugs to Rehm and the babies too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn!

Sounds like a fun night. Hope everything is okay on your end.

monkeyboy said...

yay, charlotte and daddy!