Thursday, December 06, 2007

Don't Expect a Christmas Card from Us!

I had high hopes that I would actually get Christmas cards done this year. But alas it is already December and I still don't have anything that resembles a decent picture of my family! So now even if I get a decent picture soon, I still have to order them, get them in envelopes and mailed. Then they have to get to everyone...It starting to look like the Mahams will be sending Valentines Day cards again this year!

Here is a sample of my attempts at a Chirstmas card. Can someone tell my kids to stand/sit still for a minute or ask Santa to send me a digital SLR camera. Otherwise, I may never get a good picture of all of them together.



Shelly said...

You could get one good picture of each of them, then put it into those multi-photo cards with four openings. Voila - card. :-)

Can't imagine trying to get two toddlers to sit or stand long enough to get a good snap together.

Karen said...

Maybe a collage of photos? I have to admit I was giggling while I was looking at your photos. ;)

Karen said...

After further thought, I really think you should make a card out of those photos. Seriously... I think it would be hilarious. :)