Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Rehm and Charlotte dyed Easter eggs with Grandma on Saturday before Rehm's baseball game. They did a really nice job with them and didn't make too big of a mess. Of course Ruby and Eliza Claire are oblivious to the fact that easter egg dyeing happens - poor neglected children. Rehm and Charlotte were dyeing eggs by the time they were the twins age but I just wasn't willing to tackle it with all four this year - maybe next year. We'll see.

Sunday we got up and got everyone ready for Easter church. We were only 5-10 minutes late for the 8:00 am service. I think that is doing pretty good since we had to get everyone up and dressed, see what the Easter Bunny brought, take pictures, eat breakfast and get in the car by 7:40.

They sure look cute, but I'm still not sure you can tell I ironed their clothes...

Happy Easter,

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Brenna and Molly said...

The Easter Bunny's letter is hilarious!! Make sure you get some new baskets for them, Mommy!

Beautiful kids, beautiful family - hope you had a beautiful day!
(And don't worry about not letting the twins dye eggs - I managed to put it off ofr 8.5 years with Brenna!)