Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heard around Mayhem Mania plus Random Pictures

 A few weeks ago we were leaving the preschool when Ruby said, "look Mom, a mini ambulance!"  I looked all over the parking lot and the street and couldn't find an ambulance anywhere.  I kept asking her where and she kept insisting she saw a "Mini Ambulance!"  Finally, I realized that what she thought was an ambulance was a white Scion xB that belongs to one of her classmate's family.  I have to give it to her, it is white and very boxy in shape and if you added a few lights and stripes to it would look just like a miniature ambulance.

I got the privilege of attending a baby shower recently for one of the ladies from my Pregnancy and Infant Loss group.  Ruby and Eliza Claire helped me pick out the gift.  They did not understand the concept of a baby shower at all!  They of course kept getting stuck on the name of the event.  They also kept referring to it as "your baby shower, Mommy."  I was waiting for rumors to start that I was expecting - I'm not!  One morning after the shower Ruby wanted to know, "who got wet at the baby shower, mommy?  The baby or the Mommy?"  Obviously they still don't get the concept.

Eliza Claire pointed to a mole on Charlotte's neck and announced, "Charlotte, you have an ankle!"  Eliza Claire now knows where her ankles are and what the brown spot on Charlotte's neck is called.

 Charlotte asked me if "stars ever go away."  I explained that they do but that it doesn't happen often and wasn't something she would probably ever witness.  Then she said that her teacher had a "star" on her shoulder.  I was confused.  I asked her if her teacher had a tattoo of a star on her shoulder?  I couldn't really imagine her teacher with a tattoo but couldn't figure out what else she could be talking about.  That is when she said, "not stars, Mommy, stars!"  And that is when I remembered that my daughter is incapable of pronouncing s blends.  She had been saying "scars" all along and I had misunderstood her.  Maybe it is time for speech therapy. 

Michael was doing tongue twisters with the kids the other day.  I think "Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore."  He said "that is a tongue twister."  Charlotte responded, "No it isn't, Daddy! That is alliteration!"

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