Friday, March 27, 2015

Country Music and Family Time

On the way home from celebrating Rehm's birthday at Chuy's (how is it possible that he is 14 today?), the song You Never Even Called Me by My Name by David Allen Coe came on the radio. Of course, Michael and I proceeded to sing along quite loudly.

When we got about one line into the last verse, you know, "I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison," Eliza Claire exclaimed, "Oh, dear!" which had us all laughing and Michael and I singing even louder.

After the song was over I told the kids they better come get me from prison before "I got ran over by the danged ole train." Rehm quips, "Mom, I believe the lyrics are, and I quote 'Damned ole train.'" I took this opportunity to let him know I was quite aware of what the lyrics were and he needed to get over himself, etc, etc, etc, and that he wasn't being cute or funny by cussing by quoting song lyrics. At this point, Eliza Claire pipes up with, "cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss!" Her timing and delivery could not have been more perfect and once again we all dissolved into laughter. It appears that the new "four letter word" at our house is literally "cuss!"

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