Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Breakfast Dinner

Tonight dinner was supposed to be easy. It was breakfast dinner night. Can't be hard, right? Well I have to say I have never had such a fiasco in the kitchen as I did tonight.

Now part of the problem is that Rehm likes only pancakes and bacon, Charlotte likes only eggs and sausage (OK she'll eat pancakes and bacon but they aren't her favorite) and Ruby and Eliza Claire will eat it all.

So I'm cooking the bacon and sausage, mixing the pancakes and trying to get the eggs in a bowl to scramble. Eliza Claire is fussy and wants to be held, so I'm doing this all one handed. I get the egg carton open and Eliza Claire decides she must have the carton right this second. Yep she knocks the whole thing in the floor, upside down of course. A full dozen eggs on the floor, smashed! Of course, at that exact moment all of my children get a sudden urge to be in the kitchen, no other place will do. The closer they can get to the raw oozing egg mess the better.

Oh and now what is that I smell? Oops, that would be the bacon. Burned to a crisp. Uh oh, I forgot that pancake was in the pan, yep burned. Oh my, where is that baby, about to crawl through raw eggs. Yikes! What to do!

I turned off all the burners, banned all the children from the kitchen (which is hard to do since it is completely open to the family room). I called Michael to tell him I ruined dinner. He offered to pick up something. I asked him to come home and let me see if I could salvage it.

While still holding Eliza Claire (she was having none of being banished to the family room) I managed to get the eggs off the floor, find more bacon, save the sausage from burning and start more pancakes.

By the time Michael got home I had pancakes, sausage, bacon and 3 scrambled eggs ready. We all managed to find enough to eat, I'm not sure how, but we did.

I have never, ever, ever had a dinner turn out so poorly. I'm a good cook - according to Rehm. How do you mess up breakfast dinner? It is easy. Nothing to it. If I was going to mess up dinner you would expect it to be something like last night's dinner. Last night I made Fettuccine Alfredo, marinated chicken, sauteed mushrooms and onions in a white wine sauce and steamed peas. All without a recipe! All while holding Eliza Claire. It was yummy! Delicious! I felt like super mom making dinner from scratch (OK I didn't make the pasta, just boiled it). And then tonight complete and utter failure and on such an easy meal. The shame, the horror! How?????


PS Sorry for the lack of pictures. I thought about taking some of the disaster zone but alas the safety of the children won out over the desire to record this fiasco.

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Keri said...

Kudos to you for salvaging dinner in the end. I would have let Michael pick up dinner after the eggs hit the floor.
I have never thought breakfast for dinner was ever easy since everybody in our family wants their eggs cooked a different way.
Oh and your dinner last night sounds amazing.