Friday, August 24, 2007

Charlotte's Favorite Activities

Every night at bed time Michael asks each of the kids what their favorite activity was that day. Then when they pray they thank God for doing that activity.

Tonight we were talking after the kids went to sleep. I asked Michael what Charlotte's favorite thing was today. He said it was playing Sea World.

I thought that was interesting because Charlotte asked me to play Sea World in the car today and got side tracked and we never played. Sea World in the car usually consists of someone being the worker and someone being the visitor and going from activity to activity at Sea World - this is always played in the car so it is just an imagination game. Most of the time Rehm is the worker and when we "arrive" at Sea World we are the one millionth customer and get lots of freebies and a dedicated staff member to take us from place to place.

I voiced my surprise to Michael since we never actually played and he said "Yeah you did, you went outside in the back yard and you blew up her dolphin float and Charlotte went swimming with the dolphins..." At this point I interupt to say "Um, we didn't do any of that."

So I asked what her favorite thing was yesterday. It was playing dolls with me - we never played dolls yesterday!

I expressed my concern to Michael that her favorite activities all seem to be made up and that I'm a terrible mother. His response was "well, Charlotte thinks your a great mom." Apparently her Imaginary Mommy is a great mom but her real mother obviously needs to spend a little more time playing with her.

Who knew you could feel so terrible when your daughter is telling huge lies.

Off to be more like Imaginary Mommy,

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Brenna and Molly said...

What a cute photo! And don't worry about trying to be Imaginary Mommy. My bet is that Charlotte wouldn't trade her Real Mommy for anything!!!! I just happen to think she's demonstrating that she's a brilliant child who uses her wonderful imagination a lot. And it gets you off the hook for playing so much ;)