Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Apparently I didn't give birth to twins but to dolphins!

Monday night Ruby got cold during the night and had Eliza Claire and both of her parents up for the better part of three hours. During that time every few minutes one of the girls would make a little noise and a few seconds later the other girl would make the same noise back. They were making sure the other one was there! Michael was sitting in the recliner with Ruby and I was in bed with Eliza Claire so they couldn't see each other.

Let me just clarify, the girls were not in our room for the entire three hours. Ruby would scream and scream. Then we would go get her. Then Eliza Claire would get up too. So we would sit up with them for about 15 minutes, while they practiced their echolocation. Then they would get squirmy. At that point we would decide to put them back in their room. Then they would cry. Then maybe they would go back to sleep or maybe the screaming would go on enough that we knew they weren't going to sleep. If they went back to sleep they would be back up in 15-30 minutes. Every time we got them up we would adjust something - turn off the fan, turn on the heat, give motrin in case it was teeth, offer milk.

Now can someone please tell Ruby to quit being such a princess and sleep. She can't sleep if she is too hot, can't sleep if too cold, can't sleep if too much noise, can't sleep if too quiet...This is NOT OK! I like my sleep and I'm sure Eliza Claire is getting fed up with being awakened by her sister screeching. Of course it doesn't help that the girls' room is small had has 4 windows in it. Which means their room is always hotter or colder than the rest of the house. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

I guess this is just one of the many "twin things" we will discover.


Sherri said...

I am sure that it is nice and cozy in your bed. :) Not the suggestion you were hoping for,I'm sure.

Cici said...

OK, it is definite...the 2 kids your Dad and I will keep will be ELIZA and Rehm. We will share Ruby with Grandma and Grandpa...your Dad is giving me the "evil eye" as I am typing this!!