Wednesday, October 31, 2007


What a fun day! Michael had a costume contest at work today. He decided to go as the Cat in the Hat since Ruby and Eliza Claire had Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes. This morning I asked if I needed to bring them by for the costume judging and he decided that was a good idea. Thanks to his ringers he won the overall best costume prize! Ruby and Eliza Claire were a under impressed by this though. I had to laugh the entire time we were there Eliza Claire made mean faces at anyone who spoke to her. I don't think she understood just how cute she was!

For trick or treating tonight Rehm was a ghost, Charlotte a monkey, Ruby - Thing 1, Eliza Claire Thing 2, Michael the Cat in the Hat and me, well nothing. You see in the frenzy of finding costumes for all the kids it never occurred to me to be anything. At one house we went to a neighbor asked what I was supposed to be. Charlotte piped up with, "she's Big Mama. She is very Mommy-fied tonight!" OK so how am I supposed to take that one? Cici - you don't need to answer that question and you can quit laughing now!

At bedtime Charlotte told me I was just Mommy again, I was no longer Big Mama - I'm not sure what changed but I'm very happy to just be Mommy. Please, please don't let her start calling me Big Mama on a regular basis! And if I catch any of you encouraging that idea it will spell big trouble for you! Cici and Papa, that means you!

Everyone had a great time trick or treating and I am thrilled to say all of the blue really did wash out of the girls hair! I was afraid it wouldn't but not enough so to forgo the idea!

For more pictures click here!

Happy Halloween!


Brenna and Molly said...

I loved all of the pictures!!! How hilarious are those twins? Michael is a good sport too. I love love love it all!

Karen said...

It's no surprise that he won the contest. What a unique idea!

Cici said...

Sorry, I have read this post twice and am still laughing so hard that I cannot see the pictures. I will give PaPa the instructions, but you know him, they may backfire!!

Charlotte, you are the cutest monkey I have ever seen. Rehm, you are the scariest ghost ever. Ruby, Eliza and Daddy, you are great.

Sorry Jenn that you only got to be Big Mama, I know how that feels. Can you believe that is what Donna wants her grandchildren to call her!!

DeedleMe said...

Everyone looked great! Hope they had fun trick or treating.- Cousin Tracy