Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Technology Girl

Charlotte has always loved music and now she has a new love, my ipod shuffle. She begs me to let her use it and will run around the house for an hour listening to my music. She would really like to have one of her own. It would be nice to have mine back and not find soggy earphones when I go to use it. Santa, please bring Charlotte her very own ipod, please.

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Shelly said...

Cameron got a little pink nextar (toysrus) for her birthday and it's perfect! Big enough for her to handle, inexpensive enough in case she's too rough or loses it. So far, so good. Even Brenna uses it.

Renee CK said...

Ho, ho, ho. Mrs. Clause here. The elves aren't technologically advanced so we have a MA (mom alert) out right now. Target has the Barbie Girl MP3 player (which you can also buy changable clothes for and play in an online world) on sale for $44.98 this week and there is a $10 off coupon in their toy flyer. If you misplaced your toy flyer, the store probably has one!

A friend of yours, Bella, is much like your wee Charlotte and we've set her mom up with this great deal.

Ho, ho, ho!