Sunday, November 04, 2007

We're Presbamaterian

Yesterday was Michael's Godson Liam's baptism. Before the baptism we had to go to Covenant so I could set up for Sunday school. When we saw Paster Rick Rehm informed him"we are going to a different church!" And had to go into the whole story of how one of Daddy's friends' wife had a baby and we were going to see him get baptized at a different church that was not presbamaterian. He repeated this whole story to anyone we saw at Covenant. Apparently the the concept of a non-presbyterian church was fascinating to him. Which is funny as he goes the the baptist church with my parents when we are at their house.

We got to St. David's Episcopal and saw some of the others coming for the baptism. One of the ladies said hi to Rehm. His response - "We're Presbamaterian!" No hello or nice to see you just "We're Presbamaterian!" Then we took the little girls to childcare and the Director of Children's Ministries introduced herself and welcomed us. Again Rehm immediately chimed in with, you guessed it "We're Presbamaterian!" Apparently he really likes Covenant and being presbamaterian and doesn't want anyone to try to convert him to a different religion!

The baptism and service were beautiful. Rehm and Charlotte did a great job sitting still through the service (well the first hour of the service - then I decided it was time to give them a little wiggle room).

Afterward we got to enjoy brunch with the Letton-McCabe family. It was so wonderful and all the kids played well together, were polite and used their good manners!

What a nice day!

And yes I know how to spell presbyterian, but my son doesn't know how to pronounce it :)

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