Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do you know what this is?

This is SCUBADuck getting ready to make his return voyage to Molly. We sent along a new friend, AstroFrog to hopefully have some fun in the D.C. area. It is really funny but after literally months of living in my purse, I finally rescue poor SCUBADuck and send him home. Mere days later, we go somewhere as a family, probably to College Station for a basket ball game, I don't remember. All the kids start asking where SCUBADuck is because they want to have their picture taken with him. I had to break the news that SCUBADuck was no longer with us. All four children were sad for about 30 seconds and then moved on to something else.

Later in the week something was mentioned about Washington, DC I think in relationship to the president and Eliza Claire said, "with Molly?" It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about. My kids think Molly is much cooler than the president and all they know about D.C. is that Molly lives there and that she has SCUBADuck, which makes her the coolest person ever, at least to the three year old set.

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Dallas said...

I think Molly is probably cooler than the president.

Brenna and Molly said...

We tend to agree that Molly is pretty darn cool! Now that SCUBADuck is back, we'll have to get our act together and get him out on some adventures to blog about!