Thursday, January 14, 2010

Star Struck

I had the opportunity to go to the Children's Pastors' Conference in Nashville last week. It was a great conference. I came away with some great ideas and some much needed time with coworkers for planning and reviewing our programs.

One of the highlights of the week for me was that Go Fish emceed the general sessions. They are a great christian kids band. I have liked them since I discovered them at my first visit to CPC two years ago. We have all of their CDs, a DVD or two, and have attended concerts the past two years in the Houston area. My kids love them and I find myself singing their songs myself. I've even blogged about them at least once.

OK, so I have a confession, I like them even more than my kids do. I've been accused of being a groupie. That seems a bit extreme to me. I'd say I'm an avid fan or just mom to kids who like them. OK, so avid fan is probably accurate. It is funny, I have never been the type to follow a band, actor, musician, etc. That is just not my style. So it is funny that I religiously read their blog, know when they have new stuff coming out, and take my children to their concert every year. That is just no my norm.

One day at the conference, I was sitting in an out of way place reading my Kindle. I was very engrossed in the book. Someone walking by said, "don't you just love your Kindle?" I looked up to agree that I did and realized it was Jamie from Go Fish. I got completely tongue tied. I introduced myself and told him how much our family loves their music. He said he recognized my name. So I had to admit I had emailed him a couple of times and posted comments on his blog a couple of time as well. I asked him if I could record a short video of him saying hi to my kids. He was nice and agreed. After the fact I realized that in my star struckness I had taken a blurry picture instead of getting the 10 second video. I was very disappointed.

Later that day all the members of Go Fish were hanging out at their booth so I asked if I could possibly have a picture with them as I messed up the video. I was embarrassed to ask but I knew the kids would think it was cool and it would give me proof that I had met them. You know, I did it just for the kids. That is totally the only reason.

And, yes, my co-workers accused me of not only being a groupie but a stalker, to boot. I promise I'm really not.

Oh, did I mention they were filming a video for their new CD at the conference. We were in the recording group. I wonder if any of our group will end up in the final cut.

Once again I do have to say if you don't have any Go Fish music and you have kids under the age of 10 you must buy a CD, now! It really is great stuff! Oh, I noticed that they are running their $5 deal on their website right now.

I'm really not a stalker, I'm really not a stalker...


Wencked said...

I'm so glad you are a fan...because you are and you blogged about them, I got the CD. They have a song called Super Hero. It is our family FAVORITE. We love Snazzy and I have started giving their CD's out as gifts..ang those gifts have been HUGE hits with the receiver. I gave Snooze to my youngest daycare class as a christmas present this year and the teachers love it, they play it at nap time.

So thank goodness you are a fan and spreading the Go Fish news!

PS - please let me know the next time they come to Texas in concert..I would love to take my boys.

BlueEyedMum said...

I needed to do something that made me laugh - so I decided to catch up on your blog!

I just have to tell you when I first saw 'Go Fish' was long before they were much of anything, prior to 2003. I bought several CD's and a shirt. They guys were manning their table themselves and I was so amazed by them that I had to get them to sign my shirt. I will have to bring it to show you sometime.

They were playing at Hyde Park Baptist Church as the opening act for Salvador, before Salvador was well known. I think the tickets cost $5. (A good friend of mine who is very involved in the Christian Music Scene, knew about Go Fish and convinced me to go.) I won't forget that show, it was awesome.

Did you know that one of the guys has an aunt that lives in Round Rock?