Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Go Fish!

I have fallen in love with a band. It just so happens that they are a children's christian music group. I first saw/heard them when I went to a conference in San Diego in the spring. After seeing them perform I immediately bought two of their CDs and their DVD for the kids. The kids all love them too. I was looking at their website one day and noticed that they were playing in a concert in Spring, TX. Spring is only 30-45 minutes from our family that lives in Houston. We decided to get tickets to the concert and go visit our Houston family. Scott, Laura, Will, and Brooke, thanks so much for letting us stay with you. It really was great to see everyone. And we have really enjoyed the salsa! But I left without the recipe.

I love Go Fish's music and message. They play classic kid songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and orignial songs as well. But even the classic they have spruced up and made much more fun. They brand their music as "great music for kids that won't drive their parents bonkers." It is right on the money. We have been listening to them almost non-stop since March and I still don't mind. I do get their songs stuck in my head at times but it isn't too annoying as their lyrics are very catchy, creative and downright funny at times. I really urge you to check out their music. You can buy their music on Itunes or their website. Or if you want to try before you buy I'll let you borrow one of my CDs. And no, I'm not on commission.

At the concert we proceeded to buy the other 3 CDs Go Fish has. We now have a complete set. Their CDs and this years VBS CD are all that are in my van right now. We even have the Christmas CD in there. Rehm wanted to know why he couldn't have a Go Fish T-shirt. I explained to him that he had enough T-shirts and that T-shirts could be out grown but that would could listen to the CDs over and over and over! That seemed to do the trick.

The concert was well planned and perfect for families. It started at 4 pm and was done a little after 6 pm. As we walked in the building I told Michael how nice it was to get to go to a Children's/Family event at a church and not be responsible for planning/working it! It was an entirely novel experience for me. The concert was held in the church's gymnasium that had portable stadium seating. According to the event planner they could seat a little over 800. I don't think it was completely full but I'm not sure as we were only 10 to 12 rows from the stage and I really didn't pay attention to what was going on behind me.

All six of us had a great time. Ruby and Eliza sang and clapped along with the music. When they got the big beach balls out for everyone to hit around Ruby was determined to have a turn. She loved watching the balls. Rehm and Charlotte along with lots of other kids kept going down to dance right in front of the stage. Michael and I sang along with almost every song.

If you can't see the slide show click here to view the pictures.

If Trinity Lutheran has Go Fish back next year, we will definitely go again and this time invite all of our friends to go with us. It really was a blast! And if there is a concert near you I urge you to go check them out.

Oh here is a funny story about one of the Go Fish songs. It is called the Ten Commandment Boogie and it is one of Rehm's favorites. One day while the whole family is in the car, Charlotte pipes up with, "Mommy, why you had to be married to love Jesus?" Remember all six of us are in the car. She of course was referring to the line in the song "Number 7 feels like heaven but only with your husband or wife." I explained that you don't have to be married to love Jesus but that commandment 7 is "do not commit adultery." Of course none of the kids knew what that was so I said told them it was another word for sex. (We've talked about this some as I have very inquisitive kids.) At this point Michael is choking and about to wreck the car. Neither of the older two knew what I meant when I said "sex" so that got expanded into "that is how a Mommy and Daddy make a baby." That they understood! I did add that commandment 7 means you should only do this with your husband or wife. Michael recovered and Charlotte was satisfied in knowing she really could love Jesus right now as a four year old and didn't have to wait until she was married to love Him!

So not only does Go Fish provide great music, sometimes they even provide the opportunity to have a in depth moral discussion with your children too! And give the parents a good laugh in the process.

Several of their songs are available on YouTube. And here is the link to Jamie's blog.

Happy listening.

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Wencked said...

Grandma Helene mentioned your family going to the concert to me last week. I have been looking for some kid friendly music to supplement Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales, that we have been playing over and over.

I checked them out on you tube and downloaded a couple of songs. Now I need to get the whole CD.

Thanks for was nice to hear about concert..I will keep an eye out for them around here.